The Standing Committee of the Thirteenth Provincial People's Congress Held the 26th Party Group (Enlarged) Meeting

On November 25, Chen Qiufa, secretary of that provincial Party committee, director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress and secretary of the Party group, presided over the 26th meeting of the Party group (enlargement) of the standing committee of the 13th provincial people's Congress, to convey and study the spirit of the 25th local legislative work forum of the NPC Standing Committee, and listen to and deliberate reports on the legislative work of the "Liaoning Province Regulations on Preventing and Handling Financial Risks (Draft)" and personnel appointment and removal matters of the NPC Standing Committee.


It was noted that, We should thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on upholding and improving the system of people's congresses, focusing on the general goal set by the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, we should do a solid job in local legislative work in our province, implement quasi-political orientation and Party leadership in the whole process and in all aspects of local legislation, and implement the "two safeguards" with practical actions. We should strictly abide by various legislative principles and requirements, further clarify the legislative responsibilities of the people's congresses at all levels, fully mobilize the legislative enthusiasm of the people's congresses at all levels, and push the province's legislative work to a new level.


The meeting pointed out: Preventing and defusing financial risks is the top priority in preventing and defusing major risks. It is necessary to formulate and promulgate regulations on preventing and handling financial risks in Liaoning, and clarify responsibilities for preventing and handling risks. Through local legislation, we should further strengthen the implementation of the province's main responsibility and supervising responsibility for preventing and dealing with financial risks, strengthen the control of the source of risks, and build a solid line of financial risk prevention, so as to provide a legal guarantee for preventing and dealing with financial risks and maintaining financial security and social stability in our province.


The meeting stressed that it is necessary to make a careful inventory of the work of the provincial people's congress this year, ensure that all work is well done, scientifically plan for next year's work, and make good plans for legislation and supervision, and earnestly prepare for the third session of the 13th Liaoning Provincial People's Congress, so as to ensure that all work starts well and takes good steps next year.