Dalian Municipal Force Push Transport "Highway to Railway" "Highway to Waterway"

According to a meeting organized by the Municipal Traffic and Transport Bureau to promote the structural adjustment of the city's transportation system, according to the Implementation Plan for Promoting Transportation Structure Adjustment in Dalian (2019-2020), by 2020, the volume of bulk cargo carried by railways and waterways has increased markedly, the volume of port railway gathering and distribution port traffic volume and container intermodal transportation increased markedly. Overall, the volume of railway freight in Dalian increased by 20% compared with 2017. The volume of iron ore, oil, grain, steel, coal, commodity cars and grain freight in Dalian increased by a large margin, and the rolling commodity vehicle throughput increased by 190,000 compared with 2017. The airline network has been continuously optimized, the airport cargo and postal throughput has grown steadily, and the construction of Dalian International Airport's aviation hub has achieved remarkable results.


We will vigorously promote the "Highway to Railway", speed up the construction of special railway lines such as the Dalian Port Automobile Terminal, Jinyuan Petrochemical Company and Tongfei Mining Company, and actively promote the integration of special railway lines with the national railway. By 2020, large industrial and mining enterprises and new logistics parks with an annual volume of bulk cargo over 1.5 million tons will, in principle, all build special railway lines. For large industrial and mining enterprises and newly built logistics parks with special railway lines, the proportion of railway transportation of bulk goods will reach over 70% in 2019 and over 80% in 2020.


We will actively promote "Highway to Waterway", and promote the capacity expansion and renovation of the Shugang railway corridors behind Dalian Port and the integration of ports and stations. Advance the transfer of bulk cargo to railways and waterways. Prior to the 2020 heating season, bulk cargo such as ores and coke in Dalian Port will be transported mainly by railway or waterway in principle.


Strengthen road freight management, crack down on illegal modification of freight vehicles, illegal loading and illegal overloading behavior. We will vigorously implement the "blacklist" system and the "one-over-four-penalties" system for highway overtaking control, and impose joint punishments for serious violations of the law, overloading and overloading.


Accelerate the development of multimodal transport. Encourage railway, port, shipping and other enterprises to strengthen joint ventures and cooperation in an all-round way, and guide "sea containers on the road and iron containers on the water". Combine with Lvshun Port and Shandong Longkou Port to set up a railway-sea intermodal transport platform from the northeast hinterland to the east of Shandong Peninsula to create a new container "liner + train" product. By 2020, the main container port areas will have basically formed a "long-distance key cargo high-quality train + short-distance inter-city small-operation train" railway-waterway intermodal transport product system. We will build a transit platform from Dalian Airport to Japan, South Korea and the hinterland of Northeast China, and support Dalian International Airport and air cargo enterprises in exploring the development of air-land combined transportation, cold chain and air express delivery.


Promote urban green distribution and build green freight distribution system. We will strengthen the construction of trunk-supported logistics parks (freight hubs) and urban distribution network nodes, as well as supporting facilities for parking and loading distribution vehicles. We will guide enterprises to use standardized loading devices such as pallets, and encourage upstream and downstream transportation with brackets. By 2020, among the newly-added and renewed light distribution vehicles in urban built-up areas, new energy vehicles and clean energy vehicles meeting the sixth national emission standard will account for a large proportion. Promote Dalian railway cross "trunk + urban distribution" cold-chain highway-railway intermodal transport platform bigger and stronger.


We will speed up the integration of information resources, promote cooperation among enterprises such as railways, ports, shipping and third-party logistics, and implement electronic business documents. We will promote information sharing between Dalian Port and China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. for railway-waterway intermodal transportation.