Upgrading of Green Space on Both Sides of Zhuanghe Shugang Road

In the winter of Zhuanghe city, when wind transit, it’s cold. Although the solar terms of Beginning of Winter has been passed for many days, after three years of Zhuanghe "sponge city" construction, it has been releasing vitality, radiating charming luster.


In the north section of Shugang Road of Zhuanghe city, the sponge facilities such as abandon well, overflow well and rainwater garden are on both sides of the road from Century Avenue to Jinxiu Avenue. At present, it is still green and dense, which makes the area of Shugang Road, which benefits from the construction of sponge city, full of vitality."The'sponge project 'has made great changes in the Shugang Road. The greening around it has made us feel comfortable. I am really happy to see the new changes in the Shugang Road every day." Ms. Gao, who lives in Yuhewan, has been praising the changes in Shugang Road. According to Song Bo, director of the EPC General Contracting Project Department of Zhuanghe Sponge City Construction PPP Project, more than 16,000 square meters of lawns were laid on both sides of the road from Century Avenue to Jinxiu Avenue, putting on green clothes for the once bare and barren ground. At the same time, grass planting ditch, abandon well, overflow well, rainwater garden and other sponge facilities are built in the green space to collect and purify rainwater.


The little changes have greatly highlighted the well-being of the people in Zhuanghe due to the construction of sponge city.This is a long-term, cumulative process. And the sponge city really moved people is that it "moisten things silent", is that it for Zhuanghe people brought a little change in life.It can let people in the city's steel and cement, also can enjoy the green ecology."Sponge". It is the soul of Zhuanghe city’s development, the stunning appearance on both sides of Shugang Road, through "rigid and soft" to achieve the utilization of rainwater resources, promote the perfect combination of humanity and ecology, let Zhuanghe see the best future.