Dalian Special Project Stage Promotion and On-site Exchange Meeting Held in Zhuanghe

On November 15th, the special project "Research on School-based Curriculum Construction of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture" and the On-site Exchange Meeting was held in Zhuanghe. Traditional culture special topic hosts from counties and cities of Dalian City and scientific research professionals from the primary and secondary schools of Zhuanghe City participated in the event.


During the activity, the leaders of Dalian Education Research Institute gave special lectures, and the responsible persons of Zhuanghe Further Education School made special training. Xiangyang Primary School, Xuling Town Central Primary School made  reports on the subject. Participants also watched the school-based curriculum report course provided by teachers from the Xuling Town Central Primary school and the performance of the wind music characteristic community of Xiangyang Primary School. The successful convening of this project stage and the on-site exchange meeting fully demonstrated the fruitful research results and excellent research experience of Zhuanghe City's excellent Chinese traditional culture, played a role of exchange and reference among the research groups, and further clarified the research direction of school-based curriculum in traditional culture .