Xi Jinping: Study and Implement the Spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee Improve the Ability and Level of Governance

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, President of the People's Republic of China and president of the Central Military Commission, stressed during a recent visit to Shanghai. We must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, adhere to that general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, fully implement the concept of new development, accelerate the pace of reform and opening up, speed up the building of a modern economic system, intensify our efforts to advance the three major fortifications, firmly advance the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, properly address various risks and challenges at home and abroad, bear the heaviest burden and gnaw at the hardest bones, strive to upgrade the city's energy level and core competitiveness, and constantly improve the governance capacity and level of socialist modern international metropolises.


Accompanied by Li Qiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Mayor Ying Yong, Xi Jinping went to Yangpu Binjiang and Gubei communities in Shanghai from November 2 to 3 to conduct research on the implementation of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, urban public space planning and construction, community governance and services, and had cordial exchanges with grass-roots cadres and the masses.


On the afternoon of November 2, Xi Jinping came to Yangpu District Binjiang Public Space Yangshupu Waterworks Binjiang Section to listen to the basic situation of the 45-kilometer public space link-up project in the core areas along the Huangpu River and the report on the construction of Yangpu Binjiang public space with video and multimedia presentations. In recent years, Shanghai has promoted the cross-strait connection of the Huangpu River and the transformation of riverside shoreline. Yangpu Binjiang has gradually transformed from a production shoreline dominated by factory warehouses to a living shoreline, an ecological shoreline and a landscape shoreline dominated by park greenbelt. The former industrial rusting belt has become a living show belt, adding a beautiful scenery line to Shanghai. Xi Jinping pointed out that culture is the soul of a city. Urban historical and cultural heritage is the accumulation of predecessors' wisdom, and is an important symbol of urban connotation, quality and characteristics. We should properly handle the relationship between protection and development, pay attention to the continuation of the historical context of the city, treat the old buildings in the city with the same respect and kindness as the "old people", retain the historical and cultural memory of the city, let people remember the history, remember homesickness, strengthen cultural confidence, and strengthen the feelings of home and country.


Xi Jinping walked along the riverside trestle to see the scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River. Understood the cultural history and urban and rural changes, went into the rainwater garden to inspect the comprehensive management of the urban environment and the construction of sponge city, and inspected the landmarks such as the fisherman's wharf and the old site of Yangshupu Port along the way by car, and affirmed the scientific transformation of the riverfront space in Yangpu District and the creation of public leisure activities places for the masses. During the visit, Xi Jinping had cordial conversations with many citizens who were enjoying leisure and fitness. Xi Jinping pointed out: Cities are people's cities, and people's cities are for people. Whether in urban planning or urban construction, whether it is the construction of new urban areas or the renovation of old urban areas, we should take the people as the center, focus on the needs of the people, rationally arrange production, living, and ecological space, follow a high-quality development path that is connotative, intensive, and green, and strive to create a good environment that is suitable for business, housing, recreation, and tourism, so that people will have a greater sense of attainment and creat a happier and better life for the people.


Located on the bank of the Pujiang River, the Renren House Party Group Service Station is an open service platform for party building. Xi Jinping asked the service station staff and residents for details on the development of grass-roots party building and public services. An old party member and model worker, who was nearly 90 years old, excitedly introduced to the General Secretary that he was a native of Shanghai and had witnessed the tremendous changes in Shanghai from the old China to the new China and into the new era, and was extremely proud of the CPC and socialism with Chinese characteristics. Xi Jinping encouraged her to speak more to young people and strengthen their confidence in the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, their theoretical confidence, their institutional confidence and their cultural confidence.


Near evening, Xi Jinping visited the Gubei Citizen Center in Hongqiao Street, Changning District. The Gubei community is inhabited by people from more than 50 countries and regions. Xi Jinping listened to the situation of opening the through train for public opinion in the community, and served the grass-roots people to participate in legislative work. He also had a cordial exchange with community residents' representatives who were participating in the legislative consultation. He stressed: You are the grassroots legislative contact point established by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and you have carried out your work in a down-to-earth manner based on the actual situation in your community, and have made many useful explorations in grounding your spirit and gathering the wisdom of the people. The system of people's congresses is the fundamental political system of our country, and we should adhere to, consolidate, and develop it well, smooth channels for public opinion reflection, and enrich democratic forms.


In order to facilitate residents' life, the citizen center has set up various professional service organizations such as catering, medical treatment, legal affairs, and so on. Xi Jinping inspected the service windows for foreign personnel and the meals for the elderly one by one, and learned about community life, culture, old-age care and other convenient services. At the window for meals for the elderly, Xi spoke enthusiastically with residents who were eating, asking if the food was tasty and expensive, and what new demands were required to place on community services. Xi Jinping pointed out that urban governance is an important part of the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity. Food, clothing, housing and transportation, education and employment, medical care for the elderly, culture and sports, living environment, social order and other aspects reflect the level of urban management and service quality. We should bear in mind the fundamental purpose of the Party, insist on what the people have to call for and do what I should to do well in handling the affairs of the masses, large and small. It is necessary to push the focus of urban governance and supporting resources down to the street communities, focus on primary-level party building, urban management, community governance and public services, and integrate examination and approval, service and law enforcement efforts to serve the people in the region. It is necessary to promote the convenience of service, optimize the process of service, reduce the link of service and accelerate the integration and sharing of resources of government information system. We should advance the refinement of service supply, identify the starting point and focus of serving the masses, implement service-supply-side reform in line with the needs of the masses, and do a good job in handling every practical matter concerning the people's livelihood.


As they left the community, residents gathered enthusiastically at the side of the road, scrambling to shake hands with the general secretary and say goodbye.


On the afternoon of November 3, Xi Jinping listened to the work reports of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Shanghai Municipal Government, and affirmed the work in Shanghai. He hoped that Shanghai would conscientiously carry out the major decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, continue to work hard and strive to create a new era and a new miracle.


Xi Jinping stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and raise the level of modernization of urban governance. It is necessary to make overall planning, construction, management, production, life, ecology, and other aspects, and give full play to the strength of the government, society, and the people. We should pay attention to some essence work as "ox's nose", do a good job of "running government affairs through one network" and "running the city through one network under one unified management," persist in proceeding from the needs of the masses and the outstanding problems in urban governance, and integrate the decentralized information systems, so as to make it work in actual combat, the grassroots cadres love to use it, and the masses feel comfortable using it. We should seize on the most direct and realistic issues of interest that the people are most concerned about, and focus on highlighting the difficult problems of people's livelihood, doing one thing after another and doing it year after year, so as to achieve early results and give the people a greater sense of well-being, happiness, and security. It is necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the party and the government, encourage and support the active participation of enterprises, group organizations, and social organizations, give play to the role of the masses as the main body, mobilize the masses' enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity, and explore the establishment of a sustainable operational mechanism.


Xi Jinping pointed out that the implementation of the three new major tasks entrusted to Shanghai by the CPC Central Committee should be further promoted. The Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang New Zone will open to the outside world at a higher level in a deeper level, in a wider scope and with greater efforts. Make it strive to become an important base for gathering talents at home and abroad for international innovation and synergy, an important hub for the overall development of onshore and offshore businesses, an important springboard for enterprises to go out and grow stronger, an important channel for better utilization of two markets and two resources, and an important experimental field for participation in international economic governance. Carry out the system mechanism innovation pertinently, strengthen the system construction, improve the economic quality. Establish the technology innovation board and pilot registration system, adhere to the positioning and improve the quality of listed companies, support and encourage the listing of "hard science and technology" enterprises, strengthen information disclosure, guide expectations reasonably and strengthen supervision. The three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta should enhance their awareness of the overall situation and concept of the overall situation, pay attention to the implementation of the Outline of the Regional Integration Development Plan for the Yangtze River Delta, focus on key areas, key regions, major projects, and major platforms, and do a good job of writing articles on integrated development.


Xi Jinping stressed the need to promote high-quality economic development. Strengthen the function of allocating global resources, actively allocate global capital, information, technology, human resources, goods and other essential resources, and accelerate the internationalization of Shanghai's financial market by taking service co-construction of the"One Belt and One Road" as the starting point and breakthrough point. To strengthen that function of science and technology innovation as a source of policy, strive to make a leap from scratch in new scientific discoveries, technological inventions, new directions for industry and new ideas for development. To become the first discoverer of scientific laws, the first creator of technological inventions, the first pioneer of innovative industries and the first practitioner of innovative ideas, to form a number of original achievements in basic research and applied basic research, and to break through a number of key core technologies. Strengthen the leading function of high-end industry, adhere to the strategic positioning of modern service industry as the main body and advanced manufacturing industry as the support, strive to grasp the core links of the industrial chain and occupy the high-end position of the value chain. It is necessary to strengthen the function of opening up the portal of the hub, persist in promoting reform, development, and innovation through opening up, and courageously jump into the vast ocean of the world economy to fight against storms and waves, and strengthen the muscles and bones.


Xi Jinping stressed the need to promote party building in a down-to-earth manner. While consolidating and expanding the achievements of the first batch of thematic education, party organizations at all levels should do a good job of the second batch of thematic education.Through perfecting the system and perfecting the mechanism, party organizations at all levels should keep in mind the eternal task of party building--"not forgetting the initial heart and bearing in mind the mission"--and constantly pay attention to the lifelong task of party members and cadres. The fundamental yardstick for carrying out thematic education is to solve the problems and promote the development of the career, instead of returning to school, to say the same thing, to do the same thing and to measure the actual effect. The second batch of thematic education should be carried out at the grass-roots level and at the door of the masses' homes. More importantly, we should seek truth and be pragmatic, rush to the problems, and keep an eye on the improvement of the problems, so that the masses can feel the new changes and new achievements. Leading cadres at all levels should have the courage to shoulder their responsibilities, overcome difficulties, and undergo rigorous ideological refinement, political experience, and practical training in all aspects of work in reform, development, and stability. It is necessary to focus on enhancing political functions and organizational strength, work hard on strengthening the foundation and making up for shortcomings, and turn the grass-roots party organizations into a strong fighting fortress for publicizing the party's propositions, implementing the party's decisions, leading grass-roots governance, uniting and mobilizing the masses, and promoting reform and development.


Xi Jinping stressed: Shanghai is the birthplace of our party, and the central organs of the party have been stationed in Shanghai for a long time since the founding of the party. Shanghai should take these rich red resources as vivid teaching materials for theme education, guide the broad masses of Party members and cadres in their in-depth study of the history of the Party, the history of the People's Republic of China, and the history of reform and opening to the outside world, so that they can pass on their original intentions to each other, carry their mission on their shoulders forever, and be courageous in striving for the realization of the "two centenary goals" and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Ding Xuexiang, Liu He, He Lifeng, and responsible comrades of relevant central departments accompanied the inspection tour.