Our Province Holds Video and Telephone Conference to Promote the Two-Year Action Plan of "Serious Disease Does Not Leave the County"

Yesterday, the provincial government held a province-wide video and telephone conference to promote the Two-Year Action plan of "Serious Disease Does Not Leave the County". The Liaoning Provincial Health Committee has interpreted the two-year plan of action (2019-2020) of "Liaoning Province Serious Disease Does Not Leave the County". By year 2020, the province will take the promotion of comprehensive county-level reform and the construction of a compact and integrated county-level medical community as the starting point, to integrate county medical and health resources and construct a new primary medical and health service system with county-level hospitals as the leader, county and township as a whole, township guide the village, linkage between the upper and lower levels, and information exchange, gradually realize the county-level first diagnosis and treatment, two-way referral, rapid and slow treatment of the new grading mode of orderly operation, comprehensive implementation of the combination of medical treatment and prevention, effectively alleviated the problem of "difficult to see a doctor, expensive to see a doctor", and ultimately achieve the goal of "serious disease does not leave the county". At the meeting, the Dalian Municipal Health Committee, the Wafangdian Municipal People's Government, and the Wafangdian Municipal Central Hospital made presentations on their experiences.


It is understood that in 2017, the government of Dalian issued the Implementation Opinion on Promoting the Construction of Medical Consortia, which carried out grid division based on the existing regional medical centers, and nine urban medical groups have been set up under the leadership of tertiary general hospitals, nine county-level medical communities have been set up under the leadership of county-level hospitals, and 11 county-level specialized alliances have been set up under the leadership of municipal specialized hospitals. In addition, Wafangdian also innovates the construction model of medical community.City, township and village medical and health institutions, with the central hospital as the lead unit, township hospitals as the hub, and village clinics as the basis, cooperate in the development of medical and health institutions in the city, township and village. Since 2017, the Wafangdian Central Hospital has implemented close management of 12 township health centers and 4 community health service centers. A hospital group has been established in the inner part of the tight medical community.Seven unified management modes have been implemented, that is, a unified management mode of human, financial and material resources has been established, and four shared centers of medical clinical examination, medical image diagnosis, drug distribution and sterilization and supply have been established. With the deepening of county-level comprehensive medical reform and the improvement of Wafangdian city's closely integrated medical community, the effect of the work of "serious disease does not leave the county" is gradually emerging.


The two-year plan of action of "serious disease does not leave the county" is an important work measure for our province to deeply study General Secretary Xi Jinping's major decision-making and deployment on implementing the strategy of healthy China and implement the Party's health work principles in the new era. The meeting asked the municipal and county Party committees and the government's main leading comrades to deploy in person, strengthen organizational leadership, and relevant departments to work together to formulate safeguard policies, effectively form policy forces, straighten out financial input policies, speed up the reform of medical insurance payment, medical service price, personnel system and compensation system, and ensure the achievement of the goals of the plan of action.