Dalian and Liupanshui Hold Industry Cooperation Fair

Yesterday, the East-West Industry Cooperation Symposium (Dalian · Liupanshui) sponsored by Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government kicked off in our city. Representatives of 119 Dalian enterprises attending the meeting carefully watched the promotional videos on investment promotion in Liupanshui City and listened to the explanations on investment promotion industry in Liupanshui City, opening a new chapter for deepening poverty alleviation cooperation between the two places, achieving win-win results, and achieving harmonious development.


The counterpart assistance between Dalian and Liupanshui started in 1996 and has a solid foundation for cooperation. Dalian always regards Liupanshui’s issue as its own business. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the cooperation between the two places has been vigorously implemented with unprecedented strength, and preliminary results have been achieved. In the past two years, Dalian has always regarded industrial cooperation as the key content of bilateral cooperation, organized and guided nearly 30 projects in which Dalian enterprises invested and landed in Liupanshui City, with a cumulative investment of more than 2 billion yuan. Among them, Liupanshui Wanda Plaza Project was put into operation in 2017, which has become the new landmark of Liupanshui and injected strong vitality into the local business development. Dalian's big cherry research and development base project has blossomed in April this year. With a total investment of 3.6 billion yuan, the national reserve forest project of Panzhou City will soon be officially launched, and the industrial cooperation between the two places will become closer and closer, with more and more projects and achievements. In 2018, both Dalian and Liupanshui were rated as "good" in the East-West poverty alleviation cooperation evaluation.


Under the new situation, East-West poverty alleviation cooperation and counterpart support should be changed from blood transfusion to blood creation. On yesterday's fair, our city has 4 projects formally signed. The four projects are Dalian Red Cross Society and Liupanshui Red Cross Society have signed an agreement on friendship, Cooperation Agreement on Assistance and Construction of Liupanshui Red Cross Emergency Rescue Training Base, Junya Packaging Project Cooperation Agreement, and Dalian Science and Technology Industrial Park Project Cooperation Agreement. The active participation of enterprises in industrial poverty alleviation will further deepen the cooperation between the two places and seize the good opportunity of developing the southwest market.