The relevant departments of the municipal government pay close attention to the implementation of representative's Suggestions

Will the proposals put forward by deputies to the People's Congress be satisfactorily handled to the satisfaction of deputies and the masses? The recently held 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 16th Municipal People's Congress heard reports from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Municipal Bureau of Urban Administration, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the Municipal Bureau of Transportation on the handling of suggestions made by deputies to the Second Session of the 16th Municipal People's Congress, and conducted a satisfactory evaluation. More than 120 proposals undertaken by the above-mentioned four bureaux have been completed and all have received high marks. It is reported that since the Second Session of the 16th Municipal People's Congress, a total of 530 proposals have been received from deputies, and up to now, 525 proposals have been completed, with a satisfactory rate of 99.8 percent among deputies.


The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs pays attention to the combination of the actual work and actively promotes the implementation of various tasks through the implementation of recommendations. Deputy Lv Chunzhong suggested strengthening the management of poverty alleviation projects and funds. To this end, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a letter of supervision, requesting the relevant districts and cities to speed up the project and the efficiency of the use of funds, and to strictly manage the fund projects. The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has coordinated the municipal financial arrangements for a special fund of 65 million yuan, an increase of 5 million yuan over 2018. All funds have been allocated to the relevant districts and cities. A total of 145 poverty alleviation industries and supporting infrastructure projects have been started and 86 completed. A total of 63.22 million yuan in micro-loans was granted to help the poor, benefiting 1,361 rural households in low-income villages.


Nine NPC deputies, including Zhou Hong, Wang Lan, and Chen Jingbo, put forward 11 suggestions on waste classification in the city. The the Municipal Bureau of Urban Administration adheres to the working tenet of "To the satisfaction of the deputies and to the benefit of the masses", and makes every effort to promote the process of handling the deputies' suggestions. The the Municipal Bureau of Urban Administration took the lead to adhere to legislation first and establish and perfect rules and regulations, formally implementing the Measures of Dalian Municipality on the Classification and Management of Municipal Domestic Waste, and establishing the Special Fund Allocation Scheme of Reward for Replenishment of Municipal Domestic Waste Classification. According to the "four classifications" requirement of " hazardous waste, recyclable waste, perishable waste and other refuse ", we should actively construct the classification system of "separate bucket, separate collection, separate vehicle collection and separate disposal" in our city, strengthen the collection of waste from source, and strive to expand the classified coverage of garbage. By the end of September, 4,053 public institutions and units in the central urban area had achieved compulsory waste separation, and 1,154 waste separation demonstration plots had been built, covering 701,600 households, with 82.39 percent of the residents in the built-up areas of the central urban area covered.


"Black travel agency", "Black guide" and "Black car" have always been chaotic phenomena in the tourism market. The Proposal on Establishing a Coordinating Mechanism for Comprehensive Supervision and Control of Tourism" has been put forward by the representative of Yang Hang, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism attaches great importance to it and innovates its working methods and means, strengthens supervision and control of the tourism market, highlights hot spots, hot issues and key periods, strengthens joint supervision and inspection, and continuously carries out special actions to combat gangs and evils in the tourism market, so as to fully encircle and suppress the problems of "Black travel agency", "Black guide" and "Black car". In the first three quarters of this year, 2,673 cultural and tourism units were inspected and 34 cases were filed in accordance with the law, thus further purifying the city's tourism market.


The Municipal Traffic and Transport Bureau has always taken the satisfaction of deputies as the standard to measure, actively adapt to the situation, constantly strengthen the sense of responsibility, seriously treat each deputy, and implement and solve each proposal. In view of the suggestions made by Tan Jian, Liu Tianru, Zhang Lina and other deputies on adjusting lines, adjusting stations and public transport Services, the bureau organizes extensive surveys of public transport enterprises, taking the problem as the orientation, the paper puts forward 13 key tasks in the following five aspects: strengthening the planning and implementation, speeding up the construction of infrastructure facilities, building a rapid travel system, deepening the reform of the system and mechanism, and improving the quality of service, and forms the "Optimized Development Plan of Dalian Public Transport", which is promulgated in the name of the municipal government, and provides the system and mechanism guarantee for the development of public transport in Dalian.