Teleconference on Safe Production and Social Stability and Fourth Quarter Safe Production Held in Dalian

Yesterday, after listening to a province’s videoconference on safe production and social stability, Tan Chengxu,deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, presided over a videotelephone conference on work safety and social stability in the whole city and on work safety in the fourth quarter. We will deeply study and understand, thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions, fully implement the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, and Liaoning provincial party committees and governments, and rearrange and redeploy the security and stability work of Dalian.


Tan Chengxu pointed out that departments at all levels should enhance their political standing, strengthen their bottom-line thinking, further enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, and do a solid job in all aspects of security and stability with the highest standards, the most practical measures, and the most stringent actions. It is necessary to carry out in-depth special safety improvement in the field of ammonia-related refrigeration, strictly implement local supervision responsibilities, carry out centralized inspection and improvement of ammonia-related refrigeration enterprises, tighten supervision over the safety of special equipment, and effectively strengthen inspection and inspection of key links, strengthen work safety rules and regulations, safety training and education, inspect and implement emergency plans, supervise and urge enterprises to conscientiously implement the “Code for Design of Cold Storage”, and strictly implement various safety management systems.We will vigorously promote 4S service in ammonia-related refrigeration enterprises and promptly eliminate hidden dangers from the source, make every effort to ensure safe production in hazardous chemical industries, supervise and urge hazardous chemical enterprises to earnestly implement the “Double Guidelines for Safety Risk Investigation and Management of Enterprises in Hazardous Chemical Parks”, organize experts to conduct safety “consultation” for key hazardous chemical enterprises, accurately control the hidden danger points, strengthen the safety supervision of special equipment in hazardous chemical enterprises, do a solid job of lightning protection and static electricity prevention safety inspection, and strengthen the safety supervision of hazardous waste disposal and hazardous chemical transportation vehicles.


Tan Chengxu stressed that government at all levels and relevant department should take that most stringent measures, strengthen campus safety management in an all-round way, strengthen safety supervision in the field of construction, severely crack down on road traffic violations, carry out special measures to control fire safety in densely populated places, high-rise buildings, and underground shopping malls, and continue to carry out investigation and control of potential gas hazards in old residential areas, schools, hotels, restaurants, and other key areas and units. It is necessary to strengthen control over fishing vessels in fishing ports, continue to carry out special investigation and rectification work in non-coal mines, fireworks and firecrackers, tourism, commerce and trade, public health, civil explosions, and civil air defense, and prevent accidents of all kinds in an all-round way.


Tan Chengxu called on all departments at all levels to strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen responsibility, earnestly fulfill their responsibilities, and do their best to ensure safe production and social stability, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the sustained and healthy development of Dalian’s economy and society.


Leaders such as Lu Lin, Luo Dongsheng, Wen Xueqiong, Yang Yaowei and Jin Guowei, and Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian, attended the meeting.