Guizhou Delegation Visits Liaoning Province to Inspect Counterpart Cooperation in Poverty Alleviation

From August 29 to 31, Chen Yiqin, deputy secretary of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and governor of Guizhou Province, led a delegation from Guizhou Province to Liaoning Province to inspect counterpart cooperation in poverty alleviation. Tang Yijun, deputy secretary of the Liaoning Provincial CPC Committee and governor of Liaoning Province, accompanied the inspection and attended a forum on poverty alleviation and cooperation in Liaoning Province (Dalian City) and Guizhou Province (Liupanshui City). Tan Zuojun, member of CPC Standing Committee of Liaoning Province and secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian, presided over the forum. Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, and Li Gang, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Liupanshui and mayor, respectively reported on the work of poverty alleviation and cooperation between the east and the west.


In recent years, Liaoning provincial party committee and government have thoroughly implemented the requirements of the party central committee on the deployment of poverty alleviation cooperation between the east and the west, and have actively promoted the development of counterpart support between Dalian and Liupanshui in areas such as capital support, industrial support, and intellectual support with a high sense of political responsibility and mission. Up to now, Dalian has invested a total of 487 million yuan in funds and materials, implemented about 600 aid projects, and trained about 10,000 cadres and kinds of professionals, making positive contributions to the economic and social development of Liupanshui, especially in tackling the key problems of poverty alleviation.


On the afternoon of August 30, a forum on poverty alleviation and cooperation between the two provinces was held in Dalian. On behalf of Liaoning provincial party committee and government, Tang Yijun congratulated Guizhou on its achievements in economic and social development. He pointed out that Liaoning and Guizhou carry out poverty alleviation cooperation, and Dalian provides counterpart support to Liupanshui municipality, which is a major political task entrusted to Liaoning and Dalian by the CPC Central Committee and an unshirkable responsibility for us. We need to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the East-West Forum on Poverty Alleviation and Cooperation, keeping the center of the target no biased, the focus no scattered, the standard no lowered. We will make further efforts to focus on poverty alleviation through projects, work hard to meet demand, expand economic and trade exchanges, and achieve real results in strengthening industrial cooperation. We will promote poverty alleviation cooperation item by item, concretize the list of projects and carry out various tasks, focus on the present, take a long-term view, and make every effort to help Liupanshui continue to lift itself out of poverty and lift itself out of poverty stably, jointly open up new space for cooperation and exchange between the two provinces, and create a new situation of win-win cooperation and development between Liaoning and Guizhou.


Chen Yiqin, on behalf of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and government, expressed gratitude to Liaoning Province for its help and support. She said that Liaoning Province and Dalian Municipality have made poverty alleviation cooperation a major political task, and with genuine affection and devotion, have put in fund, and have adhered to the principle of giving real help and assistance, which is unprecedented in all aspects, and have forcefully helped Guizhou fight a tough battle against poverty. The people of Guizhou will always be grateful for and remember this. We hope to work more closely with Liaoning Province and Dalian to help the poor, achieve greater results in such areas as “goods in Guizhou entering Liaoning”, industrial cooperation, education and medical assistance, labor cooperation, and tourism cooperation, and promote all-round cooperation between the two sides in a wider range and at a deeper level, so as to jointly write a new chapter in the economic and social development of the two provinces in the new era.


Tan Zuojun and Tan Chengxu said that Dalian will further improve its political position, study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important directive on poverty alleviation cooperation between the east and the west, put the counterpart support for Liupanshui, Guizhou as an important political task, improve the working standards, strict working requirements, widely carry out poverty alleviation cooperation in all areas, improve the accuracy of poverty alleviation effectiveness, and work with Liupanshui City cadres and the masses to win the battle against poverty.


At the meeting, Dalian and Liupanshui also signed five agreements on cooperation in carrying out “group-type” education and assistance, and jointly building a tumor hospital in Liupanshui.


In Liaoning, the delegation visited Shenyang City and Dalian City one after another, and went deep into Brilliance BMW Tiexi Factory, Neusoft Medical, Xinsong Robotics and Dalian Commodity Exchange, Dashang Group, Dalian Sinovel Heavy Industry Group, Shuicheng Impression Flagship Store and other enterprises for inspection, exchange and docking cooperation.


Wang Mingyu, Jiang Youwei and Jin Guowei, leaders in Liaoning Province, Shenyang and Dalian, and Wu Qiang, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, attended the above-mentioned activities.