Xi Jinping: The Happiness of the Common People is the Cause of the Communist Party

Fuminxin Village is located in Huanghuatan Ecological Migration Zone, Gulang County, Gansu Province. General Secretary Xi Jinping arrived here on the morning of 21 May to visit the villagers who have moved from the mountainous areas. He walked into the villager Li Yingchuan’s house, finding the courtyard clean, the house bright, and the kitchen and toilet facilities complete. Sitting down in the living room, old Mr. Li took out an old photograph before the move and showed it to Xi Jinping. The adobe house he once lived in was very different from the new house with its clear windows. Xi Jinping was very gratified by the tremendous changes in the working and living conditions of the people here, and Li repeatedly lamented that the days were too happy. Xi Jinping stressed that “you are happy, so we are also happy. The Communist Party serves the people and works for the common people, and making the common people’s lives happier is the cause of the Communist Party. (Text reporter: Zhang Xiaosong, Zhu Jichai Photographer: Ju Peng, Xie Huanchi)