Special Meeting on Finding Gaps in Accordance with Party Constitution and Regulations Held by CPC Group of the People’s Government of Dalian

Last night, CPC Group of the People’s Government of Dalian held a special meeting on the theme of “Not Forgetting the Initial Heart and Remembering the Mission”. The meeting focused on finding gaps in comparison with the party constitution and regulations, concentrating on studying the party constitution and regulations, finding gaps in itself, examining and analyzing problems, and promoting the theme education to go deeper and more practical. Tan Chengxu, Secretary of CPC Group of the People’s Government of Dalian and mayor, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech, while Wen Xueqiong, deputy mayor, attended the meeting as a non-voting participant. 


Prior to the meeting, members of CPC Group of the People’s Government of Dalian focused on studying the party constitution, Several Guidelines on Inner-Party Political Life under the New Situation, and Regulations on Disciplinary Punishment of the CPC, closely following the “18 noes” put forward by the Central Committee and carrying out item-by-item check-ups. At the meeting, we put ourselves, our responsibilities, and our work in order. We not only talked about the problems that we had checked against each other, but also reminded and alerted each other with a responsible attitude toward our comrades, thus achieving the desired goal of deepening understanding, building consensus, and solving problems.


The meeting pointed out that finding gaps in accordance with the party constitution and regulations is an important part of implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and conducting thematic education in a down-to-earth manner, and is an important measure to urge party members and leading cadres to actively examine themselves in the spirit of a thorough self-revolution. It is necessary to incorporate the problems found in inspection into the task of rectifying and implementing thematic education, formulate pertinent rectification and reform measures, earnestly rectify and reform, establish lines of action and reform, conscientiously reform in place, and thoroughly reform, so as to ensure that the thematic education has achieved solid results.


The meeting stressed that members of CPC Group of the People’s Government of Dalian should continue to deepen their study, temper their party spirit, build up a firm sense of party constitution and party regulation, implement the party’s basic theory, basic line, and basic strategy, strictly observe the party’s political discipline and political rules, and let the broad masses of party members and the masses feel the powerful force of ideals and beliefs through practical actions. We should take the party constitution, party regulations, and party discipline as a mirror, constantly check and correct deviations against each other, consciously act in accordance with party discipline and rules, take the lead in establishing a sense of bottom line, and truly be firm in conviction, serve the people, diligent and pragmatic in administration, dare to take on responsibilities, and be honest and upright. We should set an example by catching up on implementation and being vanguard of implementation, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, carry out rectification and reform while practicing, speed up the transformation of the results of rectification and reform into work results, ensure the implementation of the principles and policies of the CPC Central Committee and the decision-making and deployment of the provincial and municipal committees, and ensure the completion of the year-round goals and tasks. We should go deep into the grass-roots level, listen more to the voices of the people, grasp the facts, solve difficult problems, focus on solving the worries of the masses, carry out our initial mission with practical actions, and win the trust of the people with practical results.