Health of the whole people and a better life— General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Worry about People’s Livelihood— Health Care for the Sick



“Without the health of the whole people, there can be no comprehensive well-off society.”General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on building a healthy China has won strong resonance from the whole society.


Xi Jinping responds to the expectations of people’s livelihood and grasps the pulse of the times. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has made major decisions and arrangements to promote the construction of a healthy China, from the publication of the Healthy China 2030 Program Outline to the Healthy China Action (2019-2030), focusing on solving the problem of difficult and expensive medical care, and striving to realize the people’s livelihood commitment to “have medical care”. A new picture of a healthy China is being drawn up step by step.


[First Story] “15-Minute Medical Circle” Convenient Access to Health Care


The cold of winter can not resist the bottom of my heart.


In December 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the Shiye Township Health Center in Dantu District, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, to learn about the development of rural medical and health services and the medical treatment of villagers.


Self-service equipment in a health cabin in Shiye Township Health Center, Dantu District, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province (photo taken on July 24). (Xinhua/ Qiu Bingqing)


“In cold day, I shook hands with one hand in my pocket, but he held me in both hands and I quickly reached out with the other.” 


Wei Dingyu, who was there at the time, felt more than just the palm of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s hand: “Apart from asking about his health, the General Secretary was also concerned about the convenience of our medical treatment, the high cost of medical treatment, and whether he was satisfied with the rural medical and health work.” 


More than four years later, 75-year-old Wei Dingyu often comes to the health center to take his blood pressure on self-help devices with Xi Jinping’s concern.


Medical treatment is the basic needs of the people, but also General Secretary  Xi Jinping’s deep concern.


General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the focus of medical and health work should be shifted down, medical and health resources will sink, urban and rural basic public services should be equalized, public health and basic medical services should be provided to the public in a safe, effective, convenient and cheap manner, and the problem of medical difficulties and expensive for the grass-roots people should be solved.


Little by little effort makes progress. In recent years, Shiye Township health center and Zhenjiang Rehabilitation Medical Group have jointly established five joint outpatient clinics for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus, which are equipped with color ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyzer and other medical equipment in addition to routine departments.


Wei Dingyu also clearly felt the change in the health center: “Although it is in town, but we can also receive treatment from city-level hospitals.” Wei felt pain in his knees, and the deputy director of the hospital Zheng Wenhui made a film to him, immediately sent to Zhenjiang City First People’s Hospital. A doctor diagnosis has returned in more than one minute: hyperosteogeny. “It took me five minutes from registration to shooting, and it cost me 12 yuan. It was unthinkable before!” 


The change of township health center reflects the firm step forward of Zhenjiang medical reform. Through tele-consultation, graded diagnosis and treatment, and the establishment of a joint diagnosis and treatment mechanism between the primary hospital and the local Grade III hospital, the people are enjoying more and more convenience and benefits of the “15-minute medical circle” at their doorstep.


Today, the rate of outpatient visits to health clinics in Shiye Town has increased from 63 percent before 2015 to 81.6 percent in 2018.


[Notes by reporters]


The health center at the gate of the house is built well or not, which has a direct bearing on the health of the masses.


Shiye Town, a “small island” in the mighty Yangtze River. In the past, about 14,000 people in the town are “afraid of illness and traffic”.


After General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shiye Township Health Center in December 2014, the “health dividend” brought by the township health center to residents is gradually being released, and the “minor illness can not leave the island” is becoming a reality.


Wei Dingyu’s experience of “connecting experts by minute” is a microcosm of the “strengthening” of many grass-roots medical service organizations. At present, China has basically established a grass-roots medical and health service network covering both urban and rural areas, and has made great efforts to build a “15-minute medical circle” at home. The common people’s expectation of “medical treatment for diseases” is being transformed into real benefits of medical treatment.


[Second Story] Healthy Poverty Alleviation Drives Out the “Roadblock” to Poverty Elimination


It locates in the depths of Luliang Mountains, Kelan County, Shanxi Province, where the ditch is deep in the big mountain and the land is barren in steep slope.


Road resistance, poverty, disease, tied tightly to the villagers here.


In this barren land, Wang Sannv’s life is very difficult in Zhao Jiawa village.


Wang Sannv, a villager in Zhaojiawa Village, Kelan County, Shanxi Province, and her “Health Poverty Alleviation Medicine Kit” (photo taken on July 29). (Xinhua/ Liang Xiaofei) 


As a young woman, Wang developed rheumatic heart disease and high blood pressure, which over the years has led to chronic bronchitis. To make matters worse, a few years ago her husband and son died one after another, and her daughter-in-law left home, leaving her handicapped grandson and granddaughter alone.


On the afternoon of June 21, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into the family home of the special hardship case family, comforting Wang Sannv and urging local officials to arrange special education for her grandson and granddaughter. This warmth left in Wang Sannv’s heart.


General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed to solve the problem of poverty caused by illness and returning to poverty because of illness, which is a “roadblock” on the way out of poverty.


After his inspection tour of Kelan County, General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted a forum in Taiyuan on tackling key problems in poverty-stricken areas, demanding greater medical, temporary and charitable assistance for the people who have become poor as a result of illness.


Now, with the entire village moved, Wang Sannv moved from adobe house to new building, and family doctor often sends medicine to the door. Last year, Wang Sannv was hospitalized twice, at a total cost of 8,914.3 yuan, and spent only 525.77 yuan on herself.


Cheng Fusheng, director of Kelan County Medical Security Bureau, said that in the past two years, we have implemented the requirements put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection tour. In the first half of this year, 3,967 poor people were hospitalized with a total cost of 26,132,400 yuan, and the reimbursement rate of poor households exceeded 90 percent after they were reimbursed through the “Three Insurance Schemes and Three Assistance Schemes”.


“Three Insurance Schemes and Three Assistance Schemes” is a major livelihood project implemented by Shanxi Province after General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Shanxi Province in 2017 in order to resolve poverty caused by illness. Through reimbursement of basic medical insurance, major illness insurance and supplementary medical insurance, it is possible to guarantee medical treatment for the poor.


By the end of 2018, Wang Sannv’s family had successfully lifted themselves out of poverty. She, late seventies, said heartily: “It is our greatest blessing to have caught up with the good times.” 


[Notes by reporters]


“When the ambulance rang, we need to pay the money of a pig; once in hospital, we need to pay the money of a year.” 


Popular jargon is a true portrayal of farmers’ fear of illness and their inability to afford it.


Where there are difficulties, there is concern.


Under the cordial care of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, 6.7 million poor families have been lifted out of poverty by illness, and the number of diseases specially treated for serious illnesses among the rural poor has increased to 25.


We should know the reason people are in poverty due to diseases and know how to solve these problems. In the next two years, China will precisely make up for the shortcoming of the medical security policy, so that more “Wang Sannv” will be able to get out of the poverty caused by illness and return to poverty.


[Third Story] Guard the Safety Bottom Line of People’s Medication


“Safe, Reliable and Secure”— Four years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Yanji Co., Ltd. of Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group to make such a request for pharmaceutical production.


“Over the past four years, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s mandate has become a motto in the hearts of all of us and will never be forgotten.” You Haitao, deputy general manager of the company’s production, said.


Workers are operating a raw liquid filter at Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (photo taken on May 23, 2016).(Xinhua/ Lin Hong)


In the dog days, You Haitao was also dressed in a neat jumpsuit.


After assuming the post of deputy general manager in charge of production, You Haitao became more aware of the people’s livelihood concerns behind a small pill: “A small pill is an enterprise’s responsibility for drug safety, effectiveness, and innovation. It carries the vital importance of human life and determines the life and death of the enterprise.” 


“Responsibility of drug safety is more important than Mount Tai…Every pharmaceutical company must seriously fulfill its social responsibility to make every drug safe, reliable and secure.” Standing in the workshop where General Secretary Xi Jinping visited that year, You Haitao repeated his important speech word for word.


He told reporters that he remembered these words well, not only because they were “tasks” entrusted by the General Secretary, but also because he should always be alert to the fact that a small pill is vital to the safety of the masses and cannot tolerate any carelessness.


The pill is from the whole process of cold chain transportation of animal organs, real-time recording of temperature, to the design and construction of advanced freeze-dried powder needle production workshop in China, full-automatic inspection machine to achieve vacuum tightness bottle-by-bottle inspection of products, and then to each aseptic production line every six months to carry out a simulated culture medium filling test… 


“Keep a firm eye on that quality of good drug.” You Haitao said, “If you want the development of enterprises always good, drug quality and safety must always be good.” 


[Notes by reporters]


Drug safety bears on human life.


The convenience and accessibility of new and good drugs is an urgent hope for millions of patients.


Zero tariff on anticancer drugs, speeding up the approval of new drugs and establishing a traceability system for the whole process…In recent years, the relevant departments of the state have taken a combination of punches and devoted themselves to writing “safe, reliable and secure” into the whole process of drug production, sale and use. As the policy dividend is gradually released, more patients will take reassuring and inexpensive drugs. (Reporters: Chen Cong, Qiu Bingqing, Liang Xiaofei, Jin Jinxiu, Yue Ranran )