Working Hard to Create Brilliance in Life— General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Worry about People’s Livelihood— Gaining through Hard Work

BEIJING, Aug. 8 (Xinhua): Working Hard to Create Brilliance in Life— General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Worry about People’s Livelihood— Gaining through Hard Work






“All the happiness in the world needs hard work to create.” 


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), General Secretary Xi Jinping has expounded on various occasions on how to radiate enthusiasm for labor and unleash creative potentials, which has provided fundamental guidance for the formation of a good atmosphere of respecting and loving labor.


The touching stories that every person changed their own destiny and promoted the progress of the times through hard work, showed a vivid picture of creating history and future.   


[First Story] Working Hard for a Happy Life


The rooms in the two-floor building were cleaned and his daughter’s books stacked neatly on the table…Seeing this, Fan Yong, 56 years old, felt that there was nothing better than a happy life.


Fan Yong at the Xuzhou subway (photo taken on July 23). Issued by Xinhua


Happiness comes from struggle. From joining the 14th Bureau of China Railway, to participating in the construction of Nanluoguxiang Station of Beijing Metro Line 8, Fan Yong has gradually grown from an ordinary reinforcement worker, carpenter and concrete worker to a “bridge-bearer” construction team leader. His 13-year construction life has been bitter and gratifying to him, especially the concern of General Secretary Xi Jinping, which has inspired him to move forward.


In early February 2013, the Spring Festival is approaching, which is the time for family reunion. In order to make the Metro Line 8 open to traffic as soon as possible, Fan Yong and most of his fellow workers gave up going back to their hometowns for the Lunar New Year and chose to stay at the construction site and continue to fight. Understanding of his hard work, his wife and children from Xinyang, Henan Province came to Beijing to accompany him. The project department at the construction site has specially arranged a “husband-and-wife room” with new quilts and air conditioners for families like theirs who have been reunited in other places for the Chinese New Year. Solved the “worries”, Fan Yong and his workmates work more vigorously.


On February 8, on New Year’s Eve, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the construction site of Nanluoguxiang Station on Metro Line 8 to pay his respects to front-line workers.


General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into Fan Yong’s makeshift home on the construction site and learned about his work, income and living conditions with concern.


“The General Secretary told our family: It’s not easy to come here. You can look at the scenic spots in Beijing and have a good reunion.” Recalling the scene at that time, Fan Yong was thrilled.


“Migrant workers are a new type of labor force that has emerged since the reform and opening up. They are an important force in building the country. The whole society must care for migrant workers.” Fan Yong felt energetic whenever he thought of the kind words of the General Secretary. And he determined to work hard for urban construction and for a better life.


In 2014, Fan Yong was promoted to the squad leader of construction site. The new worker is unfamiliar with the work and he teaches patiently with his hands. Now, he leads a team of dozens of people and has participated in Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railway, Wuhan subway, Xuzhou subway and other projects. His life has not only broadened his horizons, but also doubled his income from six years ago.


Fan Yong, a successful young man, bought a small two-floor building in his hometown town with the money he earned from his job. His daughter has been doing well in school and she is very sensible. Fan Yong firmly believes that his life will be more and more comfortable.


[Notes by reporters] 


 For Fan Yong, his “gaining through hard work” is to obtain more stable jobs and get good living conditions by continuous efforts.


On March 17, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the First Session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress: “Achievement is the only aspiration, and career is the only diligence.” China is still in the primary stage of socialism and will remain so for a long time to come. In order to realize the Chinese dream and create a better life for all the people, there is still a long way to go, and each of us must continue to work hard and make arduous efforts.


Under the care of the Party and the government, a series of measures have been taken to promote the multi-channel employment of migrant workers and guide the surplus rural labor force to transfer to non-agricultural industries, which has brought more sense of achievement to the people.


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the average annual wages of the urban non-private and private sector employees have increased from 46,769 yuan and 28,752 yuan to 82,461 yuan and 49,575 yuan respectively, nearly double the nominal growth of the same period last year. In the first half of 2019, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents was 15,294 yuan, up 8.8% in nominal terms, and the per capita wage income of Chinese residents was 8,793 yuan, up 8.7% in nominal terms, both outpacing the GDP growth rate.


Only by striving, can we get what we want. Hundreds of millions of city builders like Fan Yong have used their hands and sweat to open up a broad road to a better life.


[Second Story]  Helps 8,000 People Become Talents through Skills Training


Wang Chuanlong,the “vanguard” of training high-skilled talents, the “leader” of enhancing core competitiveness, the “pillar” of deep integration of industry, university and research and so on, wears black-rimmed glasses and gray overalls. It is difficult to relate his simple image to these praise when we saw him .