The Start-up Time of the Enterprises in Our City Shall Be Speeded up to within 8 Hours

Yesterday, we learned that in order to further optimize the business environment, implement the provincial and municipal regulations on promoting “running at most once”, and take the lead in truly running enterprises only once in the whole province, the market supervision department of our city will take the lead in speeding up the start-up time of enterprises to within 8 hours in the whole province by setting up special zones for newly-established enterprises, promoting “fingertip reservation” service, adopting intelligent queue management, self-help printing business licenses, and bank assistants.


Since the establishment of Dalian Administration for Market Regulation, the Party Group of the Bureau has listed the reduction of enterprise start-up time as a key task for the whole year. To conduct in-depth investigation, supervision and inspection of the work of reducing the start-up time of enterprises at the municipal and district levels, and to carry out detailed investigation on the share of the registration data in public security and taxation departments, and to undertake the list of approval or record-keeping, conditions and data collection requirements of the relevant units, we actively coordinated Dalian Public Security Bureau and Dalian Taxation Administration, held a working meeting of relevant departments, and discussed the time limit, optimized process and duty of the opening time of the enterprises in Dalian, jointly issued the “Dalian Work Plan for Further Reducing Enterprise Start-up Time” to meet the high standard of reducing the enterprise start-up time of our city to three days. We also made a public commitment to the public that starting from June 1, 2019, the registration of enterprises would be “counted by the hour” and the time would be accurately reduced to less than 12 hours (working hours) to ensure the realization of “four unifications” at the municipal and district levels, that is, “the establishment of special zones, the standardization of processes, the unification of work tasks and the unification of work standards”.


Under the vigorous promotion of Dalian Administration for Market Regulation, the cities and counties of each district (pilot district) are advancing side by side. Wafangdian vigorously promotes “one network, one door, once” reform, comprehensive reduction of enterprise start-up time. A new enterprise service zone shall be established in the Administrative Examination and Approval Hall of Wafangdian Municipality, optimizing the enterprise to open full-process services, transforming the traditional bidding mode of the multi-sector, cross-domain and breakpoint type, putting the four decentralized links of industrial and commercial registration, official seal engraving, receipt of invoices and bank account opening by appointment are unified into a complete closed-loop process, which greatly reduced the number of mass runs and the number of submissions, realizing the “one-stop” service for newly-established enterprises, accepting and issuing by one window, finishing the work on the 1st (8 working hours), and creating an optimal business environment with the highest efficiency and the best flow of county ranks in Northeast China. With the full cooperation of the District Business Bureau, Zhongshan Administration for Market Regulation invested more than 1.2 million yuan to re-standardize the hall construction, set up a comprehensive business acceptance window, actively coordinate several departments to jointly promote the implementation of “one window acceptance, all-round operation”. At the same time, the promotion of “fingertip reservation” business would reduce the waiting time for staff entering the office and the processing time has been booked directly by using mobile phone APP, which strengthened the deputy agency. The simultaneous development of hardware and software have made great effect. Shahekou Administration for Market Regulation further standardized the work process, scientifically set up windows according to the processing time and priority, adopted intelligent queuing management system, scientifically distributed the processing personnel, and improved the work efficiency. Xigang Administration for Market Regulation innovated the enterprise registration facilitation measures, took the lead in launching the “Self-service License Service Integral Machine” in the whole province, and printed out the first new version of business license by self-service. Lushun Administration for Market Regulation carried out the cooperation of “government-bank-enterprise”, and the bank staff went into the hall to assist, which not only solved the problem of the lack of registration staff, but also laid the foundation for the full implementation of online electronic registration business and the extension and expansion of registration window.