The Theoretical Study Center Group of the Provincial Party Committee Holds a Special Study Meeting

On 18 July, the theoretical study center group of the provincial party committee held a special study meeting. We will study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches at the 15th collective study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and at the Party-building work conferences of the central and state organs, and further urge party organizations at all levels across the province to carry out the theme education of “not forgetting the initial heart and remembering the mission” in the spirit of self-revolution. Chen Qiufa, secretary of CPC Committee of Liaoning Province and director of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Provincial Peopl’s Congress, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech; Tang Yijun, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Liaoning Province and provincial governor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech; and Xia Deren, Secretary of the Party Group and chairman of Liaoning Provincial CPPCC Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech; Zhou Bo, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Liaoning Province, and members of CPC Standing Committee of Liaoning Province made statements.


At the study meeting, we follow the original mission, insisting on putting our thoughts in, putting ourselves in, putting our work in and facing the problem, cutting edge in, deeply examining the problem, looking for the insufficient, unanimously expressing that we should strengthen “four consciousness”, firm “four self-confidence”, resolutely do “two maintenance”, strengthen the spirit of self-revolution, implement “one post and two responsibilities”, lead by example in all work, and ensure that the decision-making and deployment of the party Central Committee take root and bear fruit in Liaoning Province.


The meeting pointed out that in order to thoroughly study and implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches, we should have a deep understanding the great significance of remembering the initial mission and promoting self-revolution. With a thorough self-revolution spirit, we should strive to achieve self-purification, self-perfection, self-innovation and self-improvement, and comprehensively improve the quality and level of party building.


The meeting stressed that with the development of thematic education as an opportunity, we should carry out our initial mission, promote self-revolution, turn the effectiveness of thematic education into a powerful motive force for promoting officers to start their own businesses, and turn it into a powerful force for enhancing people’s happiness, sense of gain, and sense of security, so as to speed up Liaoning’s comprehensive and all-round revitalization. First, we should further strengthen the ideological, political, and operational consciousness of upholding the original mission, and strive to achieve self-leapfrogging in the process of overhauling the old and bringing forth the new. Second, we should make full use of and constantly develop the important experience of the Party’s self-revolution, arm our minds with the Party’s innovative theory, solve the ideological root problems, dare to criticize and self-criticism, and lead the self-revolution deeper. Third, it is necessary to seriously solve outstanding problems, strengthen the self-awareness of face-to-face problems and the courage of the blade to the inside, run the word “reform” through the whole process of the theme education, and work with precision to achieve practical results. Fourth, it is necessary to build a loyal and clean contingent of high-quality professional cadres, continuously strengthen the Party’s purity building, always maintain the advanced political qualities, and form a strong atmosphere and vivid situation of making contributions to the new era and striving for innovative achievements. Fifth, we should do a good job in party building in provincial-level organs from a strict and practical perspective, focus on the goal of “building a model organs that can assure the party central committee and satisfy the people”, adhere to the party’s political construction as the leader, hold the “bull’s nose” of the responsibility system, and promote mutual progress between party building in provincial-level organs and thematic education, so as to achieve solid results.