Xi Jinping has repeatedly given important instructions and comments on these "trivial matters."

Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping has given important instructions to the garbage sorting work, stressing that the garbage sorting work should be done in detail and carried out persistently, so that more people can move and cultivate a good habit of garbage sorting.


Garbage sorting, young people's eyesight health, "toilet revolution", food safety ... these daily "trivial things" around you and me, in Xi Jinping's mind, are all related to the well-being of the people's livelihood and social civilization, and are all "essential issues". Therefore, Xi Jinping has made important instructions and comments again and again.


Top-level Design, "Trivial Things" Connect People's Livelihood


"Great achievements in the world must be done in detail."


Xi Jinping has always been concerned about "trivial matters" concerning people's livelihood and is deeply concerned about them.


"The implementation of garbage classification is related to the living environment of the broad masses of the people and to the economical use of resources. It is also an important manifestation of the level of social civilization."


"The trend of myopia among Chinese students is high and tends to be younger, seriously affecting children's physical and mental health. This is a major issue that concerns the future of the country and the nation. We must attach great importance to it and not allow it to develop."


"Toilet problem is not a trivial thing, but an important aspect of urban and rural civilization construction".


"Food is the most important thing for the people. Strengthening food safety is of vital importance to the health and life safety of more than 1.3 billion people in our country. We must attach great importance to it. "


"The tone of waste must be ruthless brake! We should step up publicity and guidance efforts, vigorously carry forward the excellent tradition of thrift of the Chinese nation, vigorously promote the ideology of saving glory and wasting shame, and strive to make strict economy and opposing waste become common practice in the whole society. "




Some of these "trivial things" of people's livelihood have also become important topics in important central meetings.


In December 2016, at the 14th meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group, Xi Jinping mentioned six major "trivial things" concerning people's livelihood: promoting clean and warm winter in the northern region, keeping the broad masses of people in the northern region warm for winter, and keeping the haze days down. The widespread implementation of the garbage classification system has a bearing on the improvement of the living environment of more than 1.3 billion people and on the reduction, recycling and harmless treatment of garbage. Speeding up the disposal and recycling of livestock and poultry waste is related to the improvement of people's living environment and the energy revolution. Improving the service quality of nursing homes is related to the happiness of more than 200 million elderly people in their later years and the working life of their children. Standardizing the housing rental market and curbing the real estate bubble are related to living somewhere. Strengthening food safety supervision is related to the health and life safety of the broad masses of the people.


One by one, one side of people's livelihood "trivial things" is linked to the specific needs of the people for a better life, while the other is linked to the overall situation of social and economic development. Because of this, any small matter in people's life is a big issue in Xi Jinping's mind and will be included in the top-level design.


The branches and leaves are close to each other and "persist in regarding the trivial things of the people as their own great affairs."


"It concerns the broad masses of the people," "it concerns more than 1.3 billion people in our country," "it concerns hundreds of millions of people" ... The people are the starting point of Xi Jinping's instructions and comments and the focus of his thoughts and considerations.


Each instruction and comment is Xi Jinping's emphasis on people's livelihood. This kind of emphasis extends to reality, which is Xi Jinping's concern over "trivial things" of people's livelihood on different occasions:


"Where has all your garbage been transported?" "The living area, production area and breeding area of the house should be rationally laid out, and the problem of changing toilets should also be scientifically designed." "Where is the waste oil?" "Wasn't the waste oil used for Malatang?" ...... The national two sessions "to the delegation", Xi Jinping will not forget to ask the representative committee members carefully; Xi Jinping has to talk to the people and work out details when he goes to places for investigation.


"We must persist in taking the trivial things of the people as our own big issues". In Xi Jinping's mind, every trivial matter around the common people is a real event, and some are even urgent and difficult. Paying close attention to these "trivial things" is to build a bridge linking the hearts and minds of the people and to practice the first thoughts of the communists.


What is the original aspiration of the communists? It is to seek happiness for Chinese people and rejuvenation for Chinese nation. The happiness of the people lies in one by one the most immediate and realistic interest issues that concern them most. To keep one's first heart, one must start with these "trivial matters" of people's livelihood.


"One leaf is always related to the other". From Xi Jinping's consistent concern and continuous deployment, we can see that love is the sincere heart of the people, and that it is the governing strategy of "doing fine" and "becoming great".


Persistence, "Every piece has a landing, every thing has a reply"


"Smart ruling things and wisdom ruling system". Seeking the benefit of people's livelihood and solving the worries of people's livelihood cannot stop at words and thoughts. Practice is the key to success.


How to implement top-level design? Xi Jinping's words are firm and determined:


"We must persist in doing a good job of people's livelihood, carry forward the  "nails" spirit, and have unremitting tenacity. We must follow through on everything we launch, one thing after another, year after year. We must persevere and move forward, so that everyone can see changes and benefits."


Starting from 2019, municipal solid waste classification will be fully started in cities at prefecture level and above nationwide. By the end of 2020, 46 key cities will have basically completed garbage classification and treatment systems. By the end of 2025, municipal solid waste classification and treatment systems will have been basically completed in cities at prefecture level and above nationwide. One schedule after another, in order to nail the "nail" of garbage classification.


From 2018 to 2020, 64,000 new tourist toilets will be built, renovated and expanded nationwide, reaching the new three-year target of "sufficient quantity, reasonable distribution, effective management, in-place service, environmental protection, sanitation and toilet civilization". Year after year, in order to nail the "nail" of the "toilet revolution".


There are also the stages of the development of the overall level of vision health of young people as determined in the Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia among Children and Adolescents, the overall goals to be achieved in various stages of food safety as determined in the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work ... The "trivial things" of people's livelihood as indicated in Xi Jinping's instructions have been found out one by one and everything has been answered.



"There is no end to ensuring and improving people's livelihood, only a continuous new starting point." Hammer after hammer, the tenacity needed to nail "nails" for people's livelihood is rooted in the glittering characters "people-centered".