Xi Jinping spoke "sternly" on this issue

At present, the theme education of " Toremaintruetoouroriginalaspirationand keepourmissionfirmlyinmind" is being carried out throughout the Party. The general requirements of this theme education are "keeping the initial heart, undertaking the mission, finding the gap and grasping the implementation". Xi Jinping clearly pointed out at the education work conference on the theme of " Toremaintruetoouroriginalaspirationand keepourmissionfirmlyinmind " held on May 31 that one of the important contents of "grasping the implementation" is to "strictly refrain from formalism and bureaucracy".


"Forcible Caution", a very important word, reflects Xi Jinping's firm attitude against formalism and bureaucracy.


"This situation must change."


What are formalism and bureaucracy? "Formalism is essentially subjectivism and utilitarianism. Its root causes are misplaced views on political achievements and lack of responsibility. It replaces solid implementation with vigorous forms and covers up contradictions and problems with bright appearance. Bureaucracy is in essence the remnants of feudalism. Its root causes are the serious ideology of official standard, distorted view of power, being an official and a master, being high above the masses and divorced from reality. " Xi Jinping's remarks hit the nail on the head and gained profound insight.


As for the troubles faced by the grassroots, Xi Jinping has seen little and observed clearly: "At present,' trace management' is relatively common, but the emphasis is on' traces' rather than' achievements', leaving' traces' without leaving' hearts'; Inspection and assessment of various items, high frequency, multiple repeat; " amountainofpaperworkandaseaofmeetings " has been increased again. " These problems not only take up a lot of cadres' time and energy, but also encourage formalism and bureaucracy. Xi Jinping stressed that "this situation must be changed".


In response to the "superficial article" in the important work of tackling poverty, he directly "pointed out" that "in order to accurately identify poverty and help the poor, some places have made a lot of forms to fill in below. Some grass-roots cadres are busy filling out various forms, working overtime, and even have no time to go into villages and households to do practical work. "


When it comes to formalism and bureaucracy, Xi Jinping Xi Jinping spoke "sternly" on this issue:


"Formalism and bureaucracy are incompatible with the nature, purpose and fine style of our party. They are the enemy of our party and the enemy of the people."


"We should strictly guard against formalism and bureaucracy as an important task in strengthening the style of work."


"Keep a close eye on the new trends and manifestations of formalism and bureaucracy and come up with effective and effective rectification measures."


"We can't engage in flowery gestures, red tape and superficial articles."




Every word of hit the floor conveys a firm determination to pay close attention to the style of work and break down the accumulated malpractices. It is the unchangeable first intention not to slacken one's efforts and keep pace with the development of the style of work forever on the road.


" Act as actors "


We need to crack down on formalism and bureaucracy, and even more so, we need to enact laws. What should cadres and party members do?


"A word cannot be practiced, and all books are empty." Xi Jinping earnestly warned Party members and cadres. He stressed that it is necessary to educate and guide the vast number of Party members and cadres to understand the people's feelings, grasp the truth, find out what the problem is and where it is, and come up with practical and hard ways to solve the problem.


"We should act as actors and not as idle talkers who talk about the truth sitting on a chair." In March 2019, Xi Jinping made this remark at the opening ceremony of the training course for young and middle-aged cadres at the Central Party School (National School of Administration). It can be said that the words are simple and profound.


The contrast between "starting from scratch" and "sitting on a chair and discussing the truth" is clear. Only by "starting from scratch" can one experience the world through wind and rain, strengthen one's bones and muscles, grow one's talents, become a fast-moving grass, and become a real gold in fire.


Xi Jinping's affirmation of "actors" can be seen from time to time.


From "firm faith, serving the people, diligent and pragmatic, daring to take responsibility, being honest and upright" to "three strict and three solid" and "having the party in mind, the people in mind, the responsibility in mind and the precepts in mind"; From the emphasis on "promoting the whole party to advocate hard work, to refrain from empty talk and to make precise efforts, to let the tasks of reform, development and stability fall behind, to let all the work benefiting the people become reality, to promote the Party Central Committee's major policies and decisions to take root at the grassroots level", to the requirement to "really put efforts into observing the truth, making practical moves, doing practical things and seeking practical results" to "remember the principle of empty talk and making the country prosperous by doing solid work, to adhere to the unity of knowing and doing, to do solid work and to be a doer" ... Xi Jinping earnestly taught and repeatedly stressed that the vast number of cadres should dare to take on and do something.


There are teachings and requirements, and there are more incentives and protections: "Opinions on Further Encouraging Cadres to Take on New Roles in New Times and Times" emphasizes clearly setting up the employment orientation that emphasizes hard work and performance, and earnestly supporting and encouraging cadres who dare to take on new roles; "The Notice on Solving Outstanding Formalism Problems to Reduce Burden on Grass-roots Units" emphasizes to correctly grasp the nature and influence of mistakes and mistakes made by cadres in their work, to effectively protect the enthusiasm of cadres and officials in starting their own businesses, and to be responsible for those in charge and those in charge.


In his 2019 New Year message, Xi Jinping said affectionately: "We should listen to the aspirations of cadres at the grass-roots level, so that those cadres who dare to act as leaders have the energy and motivation to move forward." Warm words make every "actor" more powerful.


"Pay attention to practical effects and solve substantive problems"


"He who is good at banning people, should ban himself first and then others." Xi Jinping is well aware of this.


This thematic education was carried out under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. To this end, a central thematic education leading group and its office were set up.


Xi Jinping made it clear that:


"The member units of the leading group should play a functional role and form a joint force of grasping and managing together";


"Party Committees (leading party groups) at all levels should shoulder the main responsibility and leading comrades should shoulder the responsibility of the first responsible person".


"Party Committee (Party Group) members should conscientiously fulfill their' one post, two responsibilities' and strengthen guidance and supervision over the areas in charge".


"Leading organs and leading cadres should learn one step at a time and learn more deeply. They should first correct themselves and practice more. At the same time, they should shoulder the responsibility of leadership and guidance and pay special attention to the subject education of the Party organizations in their subordinate units".


He stressed seriously that those who treat the thematic education negatively and perfunctorily should be severely criticized. "If there is a serious problem due to deformation, the organization should deal with it."


As a "key minority" of leading cadres at all levels, he has repeatedly stressed that "we should take the lead in changing the style of work, practice what we preach, and form a" WildGooseQueueeffect ".


Xi Jinping stressed that thematic education itself should focus on practical effects and solve substantive problems. "We should strictly guard against formalism and bureaucratism, educate and guide Party members and cadres to establish a correct view of achievements in their political work, and do solid work and change their style of work."


"We should carry out thematic education in a good style and anticipate, effectively prevent and resolutely overcome all possible formalism."


Only by not engaging in flowery gestures can one have a root at one's feet. Only by abandoning red tape can we really do solid work. Only when formalism and bureaucratism are completely eradicated can the goal and task of thematic education be truly realized: "theoretical study is fruitful, ideological and political education is baptized, officials and entrepreneurs dare to take on responsibilities, serve the people to solve difficult problems, and be honest and clean."


Xi Jinping's "stern words" are thunder and alarm bells.