Dalian's Free Trade Zone Takes the Lead in Launching Credit Commitment System for Hazardous Chemicals Business License
In order to enhance the business experience of enterprises and strengthen supervision and innovation during and after the event, Dalian Free Trade Zone has taken the lead in introducing a credit commitment system for hazardous chemicals business license by benchmarking international prevailing rules and deepening the reform of the commercial system. This move has positive significance and far-reaching influence on boosting the construction of Dalian International Shipping Center and serving the national energy security.
In the future, when applying for licenses in Dalian's free trade area, only hazardous chemicals enterprises that do not have storage and trade with bills will be allowed to receive relevant materials as soon as they come and issue licenses on the spot. The applicant must sign an undertaking to complete the declaration within 3 months. If it fails to do so within the time limit, it shall immediately terminate the operation of hazardous chemicals and the issuing authority shall cancel its license according to law.
The trial implementation of the credit commitment system will maximize the efficiency of administrative license approval, optimize the soft environment for business, effectively stimulate the potential vitality of the market, and enhance the self-discipline awareness and integrity level of enterprises. The move will create a good reputation effect in the domestic petrochemical industry and attract more and larger petrochemical trading enterprises to register and invest in Dalian free trade zone.