The 30th "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest Ends
Yesterday afternoon, the 30th "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest in Dalian City was successfully concluded in Furama Hotel. Nikai Toshihiro, Japanese Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General, top advisor of the Japan-China Exchange Promotion and Implementation Committee and honorary citizen of Dalian City, sent congratulatory messages. Mayor Tan Chengxu delivered a speech at the award ceremony. He, Xie Yuan, vice president of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Fujio Mitarai, honorary president of Japan Economic and Trade Association, chairman of Canon Co., Ltd., honorary citizen of Dalian City and others presented awards to the winners.
Nikai Toshihiro congratulated on the success of the "Canon Cup" Japanese speech contest. In his congratulatory message, he said that the "Canon Cup" Japanese speech contest had continued from 1990 until now and had ushered in 30 glorious years. The Dalian government and Canon Co., Ltd. had demonstrated their perseverance and perseverance with their actions. they sincerely hoped that the "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest would be better.
In his speech, Tan Chengxu thanked Mr. Nikai Toshihiro and President Fujio Mitarai for their positive contribution to the promotion of communication and cooperation between various circles in Japan and Dalian. He thanked Canon Co., Ltd. for its support to this event and congratulated the winners of this "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest. He said happily, "I expected more male contestants to appear in the winners of the 30th" Canon Cup "Japanese Speech Contest at last year's award ceremony. Today, I saw them! "
Tan Chengxu said that language was a bridge for people of all countries to communicate their feelings, enhance friendship and promote exchanges and cooperation. The "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest was successfully held for 30 sessions, setting up a stage for Japanese lovers to display their talents, greatly stimulating the enthusiasm of students and ordinary citizens to learn Japanese, training and selecting a large number of outstanding Japanese talents, which had been fully affirmed and highly valued by all sectors of society and had become a landmark activity to promote Sino-Japanese friendly exchanges. He hoped that the "Canon Cup" Japanese Speech Contest would attract more and more participants to jointly sow the seeds of Sino-Japanese friendship and compose a brilliant movement of deepening friendly exchanges and cooperation between Dalian and Japan.
Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian, took part in the activity.