Xi Jinping Attaches Great Importance to This "New Fashion" Work
[Learning from Xi Jinping] Garbage classification is an important manifestation of social civilization and a "new fashion". Recently, Xi Jinping has given important instructions on garbage sorting. Xinhua News Agency's " Learning from Xi Jinping" launched an article to sort out Xi Jinping's concern and attention to this work.
Garbage classification seems to be a "small thing", but it is actually a "big thing".
Recently, Xi Jinping gave an important instruction on garbage classification, stressing that the implementation of garbage classification was related to the living environment of the broad masses of the people and the conservation of resources, and was also an important manifestation of the level of social civilization.
Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to this work, which reflects the level of social civilization.
Advocating garbage classification and recalling childhood life in hutong
In February this year, Xi Jinping went into Beijing hutong to inspect people's livelihood. He recalled his childhood life, and talked about doing a good job in garbage sorting with his own experience.
In the Caochang four hutongs in Dongcheng District, Xi Jinping recalled:
"When I was a child, I lived in a hutong and took out garbage at night. Now that the conditions are better, we must do a good job in garbage classification and recycling. This has raised the requirements for our property management and made the management more difficult. We should strengthen management and continuously increase investment in this area. "
He specially said to the people who came to handle affairs, " Every family should begin to cultivate the consciousness of garbage classification and form this habit. "
Garbage classification is not only a simple matter, but also a scientific system.
Xi recently issued an important instruction on garbage classification, stressing that the key to implementing garbage classification is to strengthen scientific management, form a long-term mechanism and promote habit formation.
--- We should strengthen guidance, adjust measures to local conditions and continue to push forward. We should do our work in a detailed way and stick to it.
--- It is necessary to carry out extensive education and guidance work, so that the broad masses of the people can realize the importance and necessity of garbage classification. Effective supervision and guidance can motivate people to do that.
The above are Xi Jinping's specific requirements for implementing garbage classification.
Praising garbage classification and calling it the "new fashion"
In recent years, China has accelerated the implementation of the waste classification system. The work has achieved initial results. 46 key cities have tried first to promote waste classification and have made positive progress.
In Xi's mind, turning waste into treasure and recycling are sunrise industries. In July 2013, Xi stressed during his inspection tour in Hubei that recycling garbage was to turn the foul and rotten into rare and ethereal. It was the combination of science and art.
In December 2016, Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the central finance and economics leading group to study the universal implementation of the garbage classification system. He stressed that it was necessary to speed up the establishment of a garbage disposal system featuring classified delivery, classified collection, classified transportation and classified disposal, so that it could form a garbage classification system based on the rule of law, and adjusting measures to local conditions. We should strive to improve the coverage of the garbage classification system.
One detail of Xi's investigation in Shanghai in November last year attracted attention.
In Shanghai Hongkou District's residents' post, several young people from neighborhood committees and enterprises were exchanging community practices to promote garbage sorting.
He was very interested and asked about the situation carefully. A young man introduced that public welfare activities had become a new fashion.
Xi Jinping stressed that garbage sorting was the new fashion! Comprehensive disposal of garbage requires the participation of all citizens, so Shanghai government should do a good job in that work.
We need the participation of all the people to grasp the reality and do a good job in this "new fashion" work.
This is a requirement for Shanghai, but also for the whole country! The widespread implementation of the garbage classification system has improved the living environment of more than 1.3 billion people.
Calling on everyone in the whole society to promote garbage classification
In recent years, with the gradual acceleration of urbanization and the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption standards, excessive garbage has become a difficult problem for urban and rural development.
In February 2014, Xi Jinping came to the 9th Waterworks of Beijing Waterworks Group during an inspection tour in Beijing to listen to the general introduction of water resources and the treatment of sewage, garbage and smog.
"Where is the illegal cooking oil?" In front of the showcase, Xi asked the head of the Beijing municipal administration Committee who introduced the disposal of domestic waste. The person in charge replied that all districts in Beijing had set up waste oil treatment plants, recycling 100,000 tons of waste oil annually, with 700,000 tons being disposed of through market channels. The general secretary asked again, "They didn't use this oil to make malatang(Spicy Hot Pot), did they?" The person in charge said, "We have strengthened management and monitoring in that."
During the inspection, Xi Jinping pointed out that in a metropolis like Beijing, environmental governance was a systematic project and must be firmly grasped as a major livelihood issue.
Xi Jinping stressed in the Report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that the rural human settlements should be improved. We needed to strengthen solid waste and garbage disposal.
Improving the garbage classification process is also an important part of environmental protection.
In May 2018, Xi stressed at the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference that the focus should be on solving outstanding environmental problems that were harmful to people's health and continuously meet people's growing needs for a beautiful ecological environment.
To push forward the garbage sorting work, a clear schedule appears in front of us:
From 2019, municipal solid waste classification will be fully started in cities at prefecture level and above nationwide. By the end of 2020, 46 key cities will have basically completed garbage classification and treatment systems. By the end of 2025, municipal solid waste classification and treatment systems will have been basically completed in cities at prefecture level and above nationwide.
"Everyone in the whole society should begin to cultivate a good habit of garbage classification, work together to improve the living environment and contribute to green and sustainable development." Recently, Xi Jinping has given important instructions on garbage sorting.
Garbage classification is a solid step to build a beautiful China.
As long as we persevere, there will be a beautiful China in the future.