Remain True to Our Original Aspiration| Thought-Provoking Stories Told by Xi Jinping
 [Learning from Xi Jinping] The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on May 13 and decided to launch the theme education of " staying true to our founding mission" in two batches from top to bottom throughout the Party starting from June this year. Never forget why you started, and you can accomplish your mission. On many occasions, President Xi Jinping has explained the "founding mission" in a simple way by telling stories. Xinhua News Agency's " Learning from Xi Jinping " captures some of the stories and shares them with everyone.
Xi Jinping often tells touching stories affectionately when explaining the profound meaning of "founding mission".
Those stories are the best manifestation of Communist Party of China. They never forget why they started. Therefore, they have always worked for the happiness of the Chinese people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
"Half a quilt"
Let's go back to November in 1934 when the red army was making a difficult long march.
In Shazhou Village, Rucheng County, Hunan Province, three exhausted female Red Armies stayed with the villagers Xu Xiexiu while the army was stationed to rest. When they left, they cut off half of their only quilt and left it to the old man.
Xi Jinping told this story at the conference commemorating the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army's Long March. He repeated what Xu Xiexiu had said, "The old man explained what the Communist Party of China was? The Communist Party of China was the one who had only one quilt, but he cut half of it for the common people."
A history of the Red Army's Long March reflects the deep feeling of the army and the people." More than 80 years ago, the Red Army began a long march. With their "founding mission", they buried their ideals and beliefs deep in the hearts of the people.
"Each generation has its own long march." Xi Jinping told the story of "half a quilt" to illustrate that "to share weal and woe with the people, to share blood and blood and to live and die together, are the fundamental guarantee for the Communist Party of China and the Red Army to win the Long March, and are also the fundamental guarantee for us to overcome all difficulties and risks". It is also to show that "to take the long March well today, we must put the people in the highest position in our hearts and insist on doing everything for the people and relying on the people".
"We cannot live without our people for a moment"
On February 7, 1966, the front page of the People's Daily ran a lengthy newsletter The Model of Party Secretary-Jiao Yulu by Xinhua News Agency reporters Mu Qing, Feng Jian and Zhou Yuan, which once made Xi Jinping shed tears.
In March 2014, Xi Jinping talked about this incident during a survey in lankao, Henan. He said, "when I was in the first grade of junior high school, the political teacher choked up several times during the reading of this communication, sobbing many times, and the students shed tears ..."
Since then, the spirit of Jiao Yulu has taken root in Xi Jinping's mind. For more than 50 years, the name has always been remembered by Xi Jinping, whether it is being educated youth, attending university, joining the army or doing leadership work.
"In the revolutionary war years, our party fought against the enemy without the protection and support of the common people for a moment. Can we run the country without our people for a moment?" Xi Jinping's question is thought-provoking.
"The taste of truth is very sweet"
Does truth have a "taste"?
On November 29, 2012, Xi Jinping told a story about the taste of truth when visiting the exhibition "Road to Revival" and seeing the Chinese translation of Communist Manifesto placed in the showcase.
One day, a young man was busy writing at home. his mother cried out, "Have you eaten zongzi with brown sugar water?" He said, "Yes, it is very sweet." When the old lady looked in, the young man was immersed in writing a book, his mouth full of black ink. As a result, he ate the wrong thing. instead of drinking a bowl of brown sugar water, he drank the ink. without noticing it, he added, "it's sweet. It's very sweet." Who is this man? This is Chen Wangdao, who wrote this book at his home in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. Therefore, one sentence was said: the taste of truth is very sweet.
The taste of ink is certainly not sweet, but in the minds of communists with ideals and beliefs, the taste of truth is sweeter than sugar. It is for this sweet ideal and belief that generations of communists have suffered setbacks and rose up again and again.
Ideal is ideal because of its great ambition, and faith is faith because of its persistence. From the time of saving the nation from extinction to the present time of building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the historical process has continued to move forward, but the "founding mission" of the communists' ideals and beliefs has never changed.
"Mother sends her son to fight Japanese aggression"
On July 7, 1937, the Japanese invaders created the Lugou Bridge Incident. The war in China was raging and the Chinese nation had reached the "most dangerous time".
On July 7, 2014, at the ceremony commemorating the 77th anniversary of the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, looking back on this period of history again, Xi Jinping mentioned a solemn and stirring story:
A mother named Deng Yufen in Miyun County of Beijing sent her husband and five children to the front line. They all died in battle.
"All died in battle" is a dignified interpretation of revolutionary ideals and beliefs, as well as a deep indictment of aggression and war. 
"Today' we are better equipped than ever to work together towards the goal of peace and development." Peace is the common aspiration of mankind and the constant "founding mission" of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people.
When everything goes forward, we cannot forget the road we had taken. No matter how far we go or how brilliant our future is, we cannot forget the past and why we started. As long as the communists are present, "founding mission" will not be forgotten, and the story of " Remain True to Our Original Aspiration" will continue.