Dalian Government Convened Teleconference on Developing Village-level Collective Economy and Eliminating "Empty Villages"
Developing and strengthening village-level collective economy and eliminating "Empty Villages" of collective economy are important measures to strengthen agriculture and rural areas, and are the only way to realize the revitalization of villages. Yesterday, our city held a teleconference on the development and strengthening of village-level collective economy and the elimination of " Empty Villages". Guided by the spirit of President Xi Jinping's important speech on the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, we carefully summarized the previous stage of work, further defined the objectives and tasks of the development and strengthening of village-level collective economy, paid close attention to the implementation of various tasks, and ensured that we could win and eliminate the "empty villages" as scheduled. Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and mayor, attended the meeting and made a speech. Xu Shaoda, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Dalian and minister of Publicity Department, presided over the meeting. Deputy mayor Luo Dongsheng and Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the People's Government of Dalian attended the meeting.
Tan Chengxu pointed out that since a period of time, relevant regions and departments had acted quickly and carefully in accordance with the work arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, with strong organization and leadership, effective work promotion, proper implementation of work, expansion of village-level collective economy and elimination of "Empty Villages" had achieved phased results. However, we must clearly see the existing problems and contradictions in the current work, further improve our political stance, adhere to the development and growth of village-level collective economy as the main starting point, take the overall elimination of "Empty Villages" of collective economy as the main direction of attack, and ensure that various policies and measures to revitalize the villages would be effective.
Tan Chengxu stressed that relevant regions and departments should focus on key tasks, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, and promote the village collective economy to become bigger and stronger. We should speed up the construction of the rural property rights transfer market and stimulate the vitality of village-level collective economic development. We should adhere to the guidance of policy support, effectively implement financial support, financial support for agriculture and land policies, and provide comprehensive protection for the development of village-level collective economy.
Tan Chengxu asked relevant regions and departments to adhere to the goal orientation, strengthen organizational leadership, party building leadership, supervision and assessment, implement policies accurately, coordinate and coordinate efforts, and work together to tackle tough problems, so as to ensure the complete elimination of "Empty Villages" of collective economy by 2020.
At the conference, Luo Dongsheng reported on the progress of eliminating "Empty Villages" and the responsible comrades of the government of Pulandian District, Wafangdian city and Zhuanghe city reported on their work in the region.