Customs Fully Promotes Self- Printing of Certificate of Origin
Dalian Customs announced yesterday that starting from May 20, the customs would fully promote self-service printing of Certificates of Origin. At that time, certificate of origin visa enterprises in Liaoning will be entitled to this policy benefit.  The applicant or agent of the certificate of origin can print the typographical certificate of origin approved by the customs through the online service platform for international trade. It is not necessary to go to the window to handle the visa business, thus realizing the whole process of electronic origin visa.
According to Dalian Customs, the first batch of self-printing certificates include 15 kinds of certificates, such as China-South Korea, China-Australia, China-Chile, China-Pakistan, China-New Zealand, China-Switzerland, China-Iceland, China-Georgia, China-Singapore FTA Certificate of Origin, Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement Certificate of Origin, Asia Pacific Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (to be exported to South Korea), non-preferential Certificate of Origin, etc.
From January to April this year, Dalian Customs issued 24,724 kinds of preferential certificates of origin, with a visa amount of 12,426 million yuan. It obtained about 621 million yuan of preferential customs duties from importers for export enterprises, of which 57% were self-printed certificates.
Dalian Customs Reminds: when exporting enterprises encountered problems in self-service printing of Certificate of Origin, They can Feedback via 95598, the service hotline, or contact with the on-site customs origin visa department.