To Build a Community of Shared Future that Everyone Cannot Be Separated
"In our world, mutual connection and interdependence among countries have been deepened unprecedentedly. We live in the same global village and in the same space-time where history and reality meet. They are increasingly becoming a community of shared future that everyone cannot be separated." Since the first proposal of building a community of shared future for mankind was made in 2013, this concept has been spread to a wider land with President Xi Jinping's visit. We are going to share the relevant wonderful speeches by Xi Jinping with you.
Great Way to Simplicity: Chinese Wisdom of Peaceful Development
Greater coordination and complementarities among countries meet the need of productivity growth. They will also shape the future of relations of production. In this process, countries are increasingly becoming a community with shared interests, shared responsibilities and a shared future. Going forward, win-win cooperation is the only choice for us, be it in good times or bad. This is dictated by the law of economics, and it is in keeping with the development of human history.
--- Remarks by Xi Jinping At Session I of the G20 Summit on 30 November 2018
We should consider the development trends in current world and major problems from the perspective of our history, adhere to the path of peaceful development, an independent foreign policy of peace and an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win results. We need to continuously expand cooperation with all countries in the world, actively participate in global governance and achieve win-win cooperation and common development in more fields and at a higher level. We do not depend on or plunder others, and work together with people of all countries to build a community of human destiny and build a better world.
---Speech at Congress to Commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Marx's Birthday on 4 May 2018
The Chinese nation has always stressed that we are in one family in the world and advocated harmony between people and things. We believe that despite all the differences and contradictions in the world, it is inevitable that there will be bumps, but the people of all countries in the world live under the same blue sky, have the same home, and should be in one family. People all over the world should understand each other, seek common ground while reserving differences, and work together to build a community of shared future.
---Speech at Chinese Communist Party and World Political Parties High Level Dialogue on 1st Dec. 2017
There is only one Earth in the universe and we mankind have only one homeland. Pass on the torch of peace from generation to generation, sustain development and make civilization flourish: this is what people of all countries long for; it is also the responsibility statesmen of our generation ought to shoulder. And China’s proposition is: build a community of shared future for mankind and achieve shared and win-win development.
---"Work Together to Build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind" Speech At the United Nations Office at Geneva on 18 Jan. 2017
Practical Work Is Essential: China's Plan for Global Governance 
A beautiful homeland is the shared aspiration of mankind. In the face of environmental challenges, all countries are in a community with destinies linked, and no country can stay immune. Only together can we effectively address climate change, marine pollution, biological conservation and other global environmental issues and achieve the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Only concerted efforts can drive home the idea of green development and bring about steady progress in the ecological conservation of the globe.
---Speech at the Opening Ceremony of The International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing China on 28 April 2019
We must adhere to the concept of global governance of common development and sharing. We must insist that global affairs are handled by people of all countries through consultation and actively promote the democratization of global governance rules. We will continue to hold high the banner of multilateralism of the United Nations, give full play to the constructive role of global and regional multilateral mechanisms such as the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Group of Twenty and the European Union, and jointly promote the building of a community of shared future for mankind.
---Speech at Closing Ceremony of Sino-French Global Governance Forum on 26th March 2019
Building a community of common future in cyberspace has increasingly become the widespread common understanding of international society. We advocate the "Four Principles" and "Five Propositions" in the hope that together with the international community, we will respect the sovereignty of the Internet and carry forward the spirit of partnership. We will discuss and handle our own issues so as to jointly promote development, safeguard security, participate in governance and share achievements.
--- Xi's letter to fifth World Internet Conference on 3rd Dec. 2017
Actions hold the key to building a community of shared future for mankind. To achieve this goal, the international community should promote partnership, security, growth, inter-civilization exchanges and the building of a sound ecosystem.
---"Work Together to Build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind" Speech At the United Nations Office at Geneva on 18 Jan. 2017
Nuclear terrorism is the common enemy of all mankind, and the influence of nuclear safety events transcends national borders. In the era of connectivity, no country can deal with that alone and no country can stay out of that. On the premise of respecting the sovereignty of all countries, we should participate in nuclear security affairs and strive to build a common destiny for nuclear security in an open and inclusive spirit.
---Speech at the Washington Nuclear Security Summit on 1st April 2016
A Diversified and Harmonious World: China's Commitment to the Future
 I have made it clear once and again that China’s door will never be closed. It will only open still wider. China will not stop its effort to pursue higher-quality opening-up! China will not stop its effort to pursue an open world economy! And China will not stop its effort to pursue a community with a shared future for mankind!
---Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the First China International Import Expo on 5 Nov. 2018
China will continue to actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system, contribute more Chinese wisdom, China's plan and China's strength to the world. We will promote the construction of a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, and beauty, and let the sunshine of the community of shared future for mankind on the world!
---Speech at the First Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress on 20 March 2018
Building a community of shared future is an exciting goal, and it requires efforts from generation after generation. China is ready to work with all the other UN member states as well as international organizations and agencies to advance the great cause of building a community of shared future for mankind.
---"Work Together to Build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind" Speech at the United Nations Office at Geneva on 18 Jan. 2017