Graphic Stories| Teachers and Friends, Stories of Xi Jinping and Youth
This is shot before the symposium on May 4th, 2013. Xi Jinping talked with outstanding youth representatives who visited the exhibition hall. Rao Aimin, a journalist from Xinhua Net, shot it.
On May 4, 2014, Xi Jinping had a cordial conversation with readers when watching the Youth Poetry Party of Peking University. The party was that teachers and students commemorated the 95th anniversary of the May 4th Movement on campus. Ma Zhan, a journalist from Xinhua Net, shot it.
On the afternoon of December 20, 2014, President Xi Jinping visited the Hengqin New Campus of the University of Macao. Xi Jinping was in a theme salon called "Chinese Traditional Culture and Contemporary Youth" held by students in an academy. Li Tao, , a journalist from Xinhua Net, shot it.
On April 26, 2016, Xi Jinping visited China University of Science and Technology.
On May 3, 2017, Xi Jinping participated in a theme group activity organized by the League Branch of Class 2, Grade 2, Bachelor of Civil and Commercial Law School at the Student Activity Center of China University of Political Science and Law. Wang Ye, a journalist from Xinhua Net, shot it.
On May 2, 2018, Xi Jinping held a cordial conversation with Chinese and foreign students who were having a discussion and exchange on "interpreting the new era" at the Marxist College of Peking University. Li Tao, , a journalist from Xinhua Net, shot it.
On May 4th, 2013, Xi Jinping came to the China Academy of Space Technology of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation to have a discussion with outstanding youth representatives from all walks of life.
Choosing to visit here, Xi Jinping had his own considerations, "we came to here with our young friends to experience the Spirit of Manned Space, in order to encourage people of all ethnic groups including the vast majority of young people in our country, to struggle to realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation."
"Young people are the most energetic and full of dreams." When "Chinese dream" associated with the subject of youth, it could be added a youthful vitality and vigor.
In the face of all the outstanding youth representatives present, Xi Jinping warmly encouraged, "Looking forward to the future, our young generation will certainly have much to do and will certainly have a lot of achievements."
How to do that? How to shoulder the important tasks entrusted by the time? Xi Jinping put forward Five "Musts", "You must firmly hold ideals and beliefs," "You must practice excellent skills," "You must be brave in innovation and creation," "You must persist in hard struggle," and "You must temper noble characters."
"History and reality tell us that if the younger generation has ideals and responsibilities, the country will have a future and the nation will have hope. There will be a steady stream of powerful forces to achieve our development goals." Xi Jinping said firmly with expectations.
The May 4th Movement formed the May Fourth Spirit of patriotism, progress, democracy and science. Generation after generation of aspiring youth have regarded the May Fourth Spirit as their creeds.
When it comes to young people, Xi Jinping has never hesitated to express his praise for their contribution to the country and the nation, nor has he forgotten to express his expectations for them.
"The value orientation of the youth determines the value orientation of the whole society in the future." For youth groups at a critical period when values are being formed and established, Xi Jinping urged them "start from now on and yourselves, make socialist core values their basic principles, and vigorously promote them to the whole society."
"Chinese culture has a long history and is extensive and profound. It is like a treasure. Once you explore it, you will enjoy it for life." At the end of everyone's speech, Xi Jinping, like a good teacher, earnestly taught them, "We should take the essence and discard the dross, endow the traditional Chinese culture with a new meaning and make it our spiritual pursuit and code of conduct."
Facing the students who were in the golden age of their lives, Xi Jinping encouraged them to study enthusiastically for knowledge and pointed out their learning objectives:"Care about the country and Macao", "Knowledge as action and learning in order to practice".
His words were full of expectations.
"Where are you from? Are your parents at ease after you came Hefei?" "How many students in your class? You made a decision of your major when you entered the university, didn't you?" "You must feel something after teaching in the West, right? Children from countryside never forget their home."...
On April 26, 2016, Xi Jinping came to the study room of the library of China University of Science and Technology. Facing the students who were studying by themselves, his loving care is beyond words.
"China's future belongs to the youth, and so does the future of the Chinese nation. The ideals, beliefs, mental state and comprehensive quality of the younger generation are important manifestations of a country's development vitality and important factors of a country's core competitiveness. " The healthy growth of young people who would be future creators and participants, has always been Xi Jinping's concern and thought.
How do young people learn? How to cultivate and train scientific thinking methods and thinking ability? How to face difficulties and pressures? On May 3, 2017, Xi Jinping, who was on an inspection tour at China University of Political Science and Law, talked those things with students.
"When you study, you should act like a sponge absorb water." For young people at the stage of life accumulation, Xi Jinping has put forward his suggestions. When you learn something, you should not only cherish the time and work hard, but also pay attention to its essence. In particular, they should overcome impetuousness, calm down, read more classics.
"You should give full play to your creative spirit and be bold in pioneering, practicing, and exploring the truth." He stressed. Once the habits of historical thinking, dialectical thinking, systematic thinking and innovative thinking are formed, they will benefit you forever.
On May 2, 2018, Xi Jinping came to the Peking University, the center of the New Culture Movement and the birthplace of the May Fourth Movement.
The May Fourth Movement promoted the spread of Marxism in China and the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party. Marxism is the soul of Chinese communists' ideals and beliefs.
"Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology for our party and country, and it is also the brightest background for our universities." As a scientific theory, people's theory, practical theory, and continuously developing open theory, the influence of Marxism on the growth of young people is self-evident.
At the International Marxist Literature Center, Xi Jinping enthusiastically shared his learning experience with all the students when they asked for advice on Marxist learning methods.
"We should pay special attention to the education of Marxist theory and deepen students' understanding of the historical inevitability, scientific truth, theoretical and practical significance of Marxism." At the teachers' and students' forum, Xi Jinping stressed, "Let students deeply understand the power of Marxist theory and lay a scientific ideological foundation for students' growth and success."
"Striving together with the people, advancing together with the motherland and serving the people and contributing to the motherland are the correct direction for contemporary Chinese youth. Young people aim at all sides, and those who have ambition struggle without regrets. "
"A scholar can't help being outspoken. There is still a long way to go." The future of the country, the destiny of the nation and the happiness of the people are the important tasks that contemporary Chinese youth must and will bear. "
On the way forward, Xi Jinping is not only the leader of the times but also the leader of the youth.