Dalian Customs Launches 8 "Bonded" Measures to Upgrade Bonded Port Areas and Export Processing Zones to Integrated Free Trade Zone

Yesterday, it was learned that in order to really promote the high-level opening and high-quality development of the FTZ, Dalian Customs will take the regional development strategy and the actual needs of enterprises as the direction, give full play to the platform effect through eight measures, provide good services for enterprises, and promote the overall upgrading and development of the FTZ.

One is to expand the "bonded storage+transit" business of Dayaowan bonded port area. By improving the supervision process, guiding enterprises to standardize their operations, improving the efficiency of customs clearance, further intensifying the propaganda of policies, attracting enterprises to carry out import business at Dalian Port, Dalian will be helped to build a sea-rail intermodal hub port and a "the belt and road initiative" bridgehead.

The second is to expand the "bonded mixed mining" business of Dalian port bulk cargo terminal. Dalian Customs took the lead in carrying out bonded mixed mining operations nationwide and achieved remarkable results in creating "Dalian Standard Mine". We will continue to be guided by the needs of enterprises, improve the supervision system, enhance the supervision level of customs informatization, create a fast and efficient customs clearance process, and help Dalian to build a commodity distribution center in northeast Asia.

The third is to carry out Dalian Airport's "bonded aviation oil" business. Encourage enterprises to apply for the qualification of bonded aviation oil storage, comprehensively use information systems, data networking comparison and other scientific and technological means to tailor an efficient and convenient regulatory process, fully support the landing of the "bonded aviation oil" project in Dalian Airport, and help Dalian to build an aviation logistics center in Northeast Asia.

Fourth, expand the "bonded delivery" business of Dalian Commodity Exchange futures. This year, Dalian Customs will formulate operating rules according to the business needs of Dalian Commodity Exchange and the business characteristics of futures bonded delivery such as iron ore, corn and Yellow Soyabeans, so as to create a clear and efficient supervision and customs clearance process and help Dalian to build an influential regional financial center.

The fifth is to support the "bonded research and development test" business of Dalian High-tech Zone. Dalian Customs Service Outsourcing Bonded Supervision continues to maintain a leading position in the country. Through innovative supervision mode and integrated application of advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, intelligent video and individual soldier system, the two-wheel drive service effect of "Information Fence", "Intensive Bonded Incubation" and "Service Outsourcing Manual" is obvious in the country. Dalian Customs will continue to use high-tech means to help Dalian build an internationally competitive service outsourcing industry base this year.

The sixth is to take the lead in carrying out "bonded maintenance" of imported cars nationwide. In National Demonstration Eco-industrial Parks, Dalian, Zhuanghe, the project of "Importing Used Complete Vehicles and Used Auto Parts for Maintenance and Remanufacturing through Processing Trade" will be carried out to promote the extension of processing trade to both ends of the industrial chain, improve the value-added rate, and help Dalian to build a green remanufacturing industry demonstration area.

The seventh is to carry out the "bonded display transaction" of imported goods in Dalian business district and business district. Innovating the supervision mode, formulating the supervision process and operation method of bonded exhibition transactions, introducing convenient business services and convenient measures, making offline exhibition a powerful supplement to online sales, and helping Dalian to build an endless "Expo".

The eighth is to expand the "bonded stock" business of cross-border e-commerce in Dayaowan Bonded Port Area and Export Processing Zone. Actively cooperate with local governments to help introduce influential e-commerce platform enterprises, optimize the supervision process and enhance the level of information technology, realize 7X24 customs clearance operations, and speed up the whole process of e-commerce goods clearance.

The head of Dalian Customs said that Integrated Free Trade Zone is the main carrier of export-oriented economic development, which is of great significance for stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, cultivating the domestic market and stimulating the potential of domestic demand. Dalian is the only city in inside that does not have Integrated Free Trade Zone out of 14 cities under separate state planning. Therefore, speeding up the integration and optimization of various customs special supervision areas and promoting the upgrading of comprehensive protection areas are important development opportunities for Dalian to expand its opening up and realize stable import and export of foreign trade while improving quality. This year, Dalian Customs will fully implement the opinions of the state on promoting the development of comprehensive protection zones, and assist our city in actively promoting the upgrading of Dalian Dayaowan Bonded Port Area into Dayaowan Integrated Free Trade Zone, and the integration and upgrading of the export processing zones (Zones A and B) of Jinpu New District into Dalian Integrated Free Trade Zone, making it a new engine for regional economic development and a leading area for deepening reforms. At the same time, research is started to push forward the next step of Integrated Free Trade Zone's new layout.

Dalian Customs has also taken active measures to strengthen the policy superposition effect and support the construction of Dalian's five major centers. This year, the free trade experimental zone and Dalian special regulatory regional policy will be integrated and 12 specific measures will be introduced to support the construction of five major centers, including processing and manufacturing center, research and development design center, Logistics Allocation center, testing and maintenance center and sales service center.