The World Economic Forum Working Group Jointly Joins in Preparations for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

The 2019 Dalian World Economic Forum Annual Conference has entered the final preparatory stage. In order to ensure the success of this annual meeting, from April 15 to 18, executive director of the world economic forum and chief representative of greater China, edward, together with 43 members of the relevant working teams of the forum, came to connect with the relevant working groups of the preparatory Committee of our city for the last work before the annual meeting.

During this period, the WEF team will conduct more than 80 preparatory work meetings and inspection activities. Dalian World Economic Forum Forum Coordination Office organized all relevant working groups of the Preparatory Committee and all working groups of the Forum to discuss and finalize issues such as safety and security, electric power and air conditioning, communication IT, media publicity, cultural dinner, cultural and industrial tours, art exhibitions, volunteer services and transportation, medical care and catering support, and to list "time schedule" and "wall chart operations" to ensure smooth progress in the preparations for the latter part of the annual meeting.

The World Economic Forum team fully affirmed the preparatory work of our city and held a bilateral meeting with our city leaders to introduce the latest situation of this annual meeting. We believe that through the joint efforts of both parties, the 2019 Dalian World Economic Forum annual meeting will be even more exciting. The working groups of the Preparatory Committee said that they would do a good job in the preparation of the annual meeting with high quality, high level and high efficiency in accordance with the requirements put forward by the forum and the leaders of the Preparatory Committee, with pragmatic style, innovative spirit and scientific methods, so as to truly turn the annual meeting into an international grand meeting with comfortable environment, satisfactory representatives and wonderful scenes, and strive to fully display Dalian's urban vitality and spiritual outlook to the world.