Tan Zuojun Tan Chengxu Meets US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad

On the evening of April 10, Tan Zuojun, member of the standing committee of the provincial party committee and secretary of the municipal party committee, and Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary and mayor of the municipal party committee, met with US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad and his party at Shangri-La Hotel.  City leader Li Pengyu, U.S. Consul-General in Shenyang Meiru Rui and others attended the meeting.

 Tan Zuojun welcomed the visit of Terry Branstad and his party on behalf of the municipal party committee and government and briefly introduced the economic and social development in Dalian.  He said that Dalian was one of the earliest cities in China to open to the outside world and was an important window for the northeast region of China to open to the outside world.  Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Dalian has done a lot of work in foreign exchanges and exchanges. It has carried out extensive cooperation with the United States in the fields of friendly city exchanges, trade and investment, and people-to-people exchanges, and has established profound friendship.  At present, Dalian is in an important period of transformation and development. Dalian will give full play to its advantages in port and shipping, trade and other aspects, further strengthen its opening up, and is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with more American cities and enterprises.  It is hoped that Mr. Ambassador will continue to promote the deepening of cooperation between the two sides in the fields of economy, trade, education, culture, tourism, etc. Dalian will provide a good business environment for American enterprises that have invested in Dalian to expand their business.  Tan Chengxu introduced Dalian's romantic and fashionable city features to Terry Branstad, and introduced major festival activities such as Beer Festival. He said Dalian would further understand the needs of more than 1,600 American enterprises in Dalian and, in combination with the interpretation of the Foreign Investment Law, refine and perfect preferential policies for attracting foreign investment, especially to promote Dalian's import and export of seafood to the United States.

 Terry Branstad said that he was very happy to visit Dalian and to learn that Dalian has successfully cooperated with many cities and enterprises in the United States.  We will support more American chambers of commerce and enterprises to carry out practical cooperation with Dalian to promote the continuous development of friendly relations between the two sides.