Dalian Customs Releases First Batch of Commodities Applicable to New Import VAT Rate

According to Dalian Customs, on the morning of April 1, Dalian Customs, under the jurisdiction of Dayaowan Customs, examined and approved a ticket of polyester chain, zipper head and other commodities imported by Dalian Huichang International Logistics Co., Ltd., with a value of 200,000 yuan. This is the first ticket of import declaration released by the customs after the implementation of the new value-added tax rate for imported goods, which marks the formal landing of the favorable tax reduction policy. This ticket of goods alone saves 6,000 yuan of tax than before the implementation of the policy.

According to reports, on the first day of the VAT rate adjustment for imported goods, Dayaowan Customs accepted 1,444 import declaration tickets for 267 enterprises, with a value of 268 million US dollars. Enterprises in the customs area benefited from a VAT reduction of 10.98 million yuan. In order to implement the new tax reduction policy for value-added tax, Dayaowan Customs has made various work arrangements for the implementation of the policy, strengthened business training in relevant links, and ensured timely and accurate implementation of the policy by various customs clearance channels. Through the convening of special policy lectures and the investigation of major import and export enterprises, we will help enterprises understand and enjoy policy dividends in a timely manner in the face of the impact of deepening value-added tax reform on the tax burden of import enterprises and matters needing attention in enterprise declaration.