On civil affairs, people's livelihood and people's hearts, Xi Jinping said

[Preface] Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping has given important instructions to civil affairs work. He pointed out that the civil affairs work is related to the people's livelihood and the people's hearts and minds, and is the reveal all the details and basic work of social construction. Civil affairs, people's livelihood, people's hearts and minds, everything is related to the people. Xinhua News Agency's "Learning in Progress" combs Xi Jinping's important remarks for you.

Civil affairs work is related to people's livelihood and people's hearts and minds. It is the reveal all the details and basic work of social construction.

-Important Instructions for Civil Affairs Work

Party committees and governments at all levels should adhere to the principle of centering on the people, strengthen the leadership of civil affairs work, enhance the capacity of grassroots civil affairs services, and promote the sustained and healthy development of civil affairs.

-Important Instructions for Civil Affairs Work

Civil affairs departments at all levels should strengthen party building, adhere to reform and innovation, focus on poverty eradication, focus on special groups, focus on the concerns of the masses, better perform their duties of basic livelihood security, grassroots social governance, basic social services, etc., and make new contributions to the overall construction of a modern socialist country in Comprehensively build a well-off society.

-Important Instructions for Civil Affairs Work

To do a good job in economic and social development, people's livelihood is the "compass". We should fully grasp the relationship between development and people's livelihood, which is mutually affecting and conditional on each other. We should strengthen the material basis for ensuring and improving people's livelihood through sustained development and create more effective demand through continuous protection and improvement of people's livelihood.

-In July 2015, during a survey in Jilin, it was stressed that

There is no end to ensuring and improving people's livelihood. There is only a continuous new starting point. Measures with stronger pertinence, greater coverage of flour, more direct effect and more obvious effect should be taken to help the masses solve difficult problems, increase their well-being and make them enjoy fairness.

-In February 2016, during an inspection tour in Jiangxi, it was stressed that

Improving people's well-being is the fundamental goal of development. We must seek more benefits for the people's livelihood, solve more worries about the people's livelihood, make up for the shortcomings of the people's livelihood in development, promote social fairness and justice, and make continuous new progress in terms of children's education, education, work, illness, medical care, old age, shelter, and support for the weak. We must carry out in-depth poverty eradication efforts to ensure that all people have more sense of achievement in the process of co-construction and shared development, and continuously promote the all-round development of people and the common prosperity of all people.

-Report in 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on October 18, 2017

Those who win the hearts and minds of the people gain the world, while those who lose the hearts and minds lose the world. People's support and support are the most solid foundation for the Party's ruling.

-Speech at the Summary Meeting of Practical Activities in The Party's Mass Line Education on October 8, 2014

The hearts and minds of the people are the greatest politics and justice is the strongest force. As the saying goes, "How can the world be governed?" It won the hearts and minds of the people! Why is the world chaotic? It's just unpopular! "

-Speech at the 6th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on January 12, 2016

On the premise of adhering to the national chess game, we should determine the reform priorities, paths, sequences and methods, creatively implement the central spirit, and make the reform more accurately meet the needs of development, the expectations of the grassroots and the wishes of the people.

-In January 2016, during a survey in Chongqing, it was stressed that

The fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people must be the fundamental starting point and foothold of all our work. We must stick to the principle that the people support or disapprove, approve or disapprove, and be happy or unhappy as the basis for formulating policies. We must conform to the people's will, respect the people's will, pay attention to the people's feelings and devote ourselves to the people's livelihood.

-Speech at the General Assembly Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up on December 18, 2018