The City's Leading Cadre Warning Education Conference Held in the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee

On March 25, the city's leading cadres warning education meeting was held at the party school of the municipal party committee.The meeting thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the third Plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for discipline Inspection, and implemented the arrangements of the third Plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for discipline Inspection and the fourth Plenary session of the 12th Provincial Commission for discipline Inspection. The meeting reported on typical cases of violations of discipline and law by Yuan Keli, Xu Changyuan, Hou Zhentao, and others, carried out in-depth political warning education, and promoted the in-depth development of strictly administering the party in an all-round way. Tan Zuojun, member of the standing Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee and secretary of the Municipal CPC Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, presided over the meeting. Xiao Shengfeng, chairman of the standing Committee of the Municipal people's Congress, and Wang Qiyao, chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, attended. Hao Hongjun, member of the standing Committee of the Municipal CPC Committee, secretary of the Municipal discipline Inspection Commission, and director of the Municipal Supervisory Commission, informed some party members and leading cadres of typical cases of violation of discipline and law in our city. The comrades attending the meeting watched the warning educational film "inheritance of changes"-a warning record of Yi Jun's serious violations of discipline and law.


Tan Zuojun pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has made a strategic decision to administer the party strictly in an all-round way, one of the important points of which is to grasp the "key minority" of leading cadres. Only by setting an example for our subordinates, setting strict discipline and strict requirements, establishing rules and regulations, and constantly grasping unremitting efforts can we constantly promote the in-depth development of the party in an all-round and strict manner. Party organizations at all levels in the city should conscientiously study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on grasping the "key minority," and deeply understand the key role of grasping the "key minority" of leading cadres in promoting the comprehensive and strict administration of the party. This is of great significance to purifying and repairing the political ecology of our city and effectively unifying ideas and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the central authorities.


Tan Zuojun stressed that leading cadres at all levels in the city should strengthen self-restraint and strictly demand themselves in accordance with the clear standards of the "certain guidelines on Inner-Party political life under the new situation." First, the more we are in a high position, the more loyal we are to the party, to strengthen the cultivation of party spirit as a compulsory course and a regular course in life, and to remain firm in our ideals and beliefs.We should also adhere to the prohibitions, strictly abide by political discipline and political rules, and resolutely achieve "two maintenance." When major issues and matters are involved, we must report to the organization and must not act without authorization; we must consciously accept supervision and be accustomed to working and living in an environment of supervision. Second, we should make the more important the position, the more uncorrupted we should be. We should control our power, establish a good family style, manage our families, handle family affairs, and consciously purify the social circle, the life circle, and the circle of friends. When alone in private, pay serious attention to the details, always do not indulge, do not deviate, do not exceed the moment, clean life, clean work, open as an official. Third, the greater our responsibility, the braver we have to bear it. We should have the courage to shoulder our responsibilities and fulfill our responsibilities, be at the forefront and lead the way in reform and development, use power for the people and satisfy the masses, dare to reform and innovate, be good at breaking the shackles of rigid ideas and backward ideas, concentrate on reform, and jump down to grasp innovation. We should also have the courage to tackle key problems and overcome difficulties. In the face of complex situations and problems, we should actively look for new countermeasures and take the initiative to solve difficult problems.


In particular, the "old problems" that have not been cured for a long time have been dealt with strictly and seriously, and all typical problems have been reported to the public. It is necessary to encourage and protect cadres to take on their responsibilities, establish a clear orientation of attaching importance to practical work and achievements, and create a comfortable environment conducive to cadres' officers starting their own businesses.


When presiding over the meeting, Tan Chengxu called on all regions and departments to further improve their political positions, conscientiously do a good job in implementing the spirit of this meeting, and let the vast number of party members and cadres draw profound lessons from negative teaching materials and take the case as a mirror and sound the alarm bell for a long time. Leading cadres at all levels should persist in being strict and realistic, adhere to the guidance of problems, restrain themselves with higher standards and stricter requirements, and set an example of good integrity, self-discipline, and responsibility. We will conscientiously practice the "four consciousness" and resolutely achieve the "two maintenance" with practical action. All localities and departments should take the typical cases notified as a mirror, comprehensively analyze and find out the outstanding problems and weak links existing in them, make great efforts to strengthen the rectification and reform of audit supervision and audit findings, pay close attention to the implementation of rectification and reform, and ensure thorough investigation and thorough reform. With the new results of the building of a clean and honest party style and the struggle against corruption, new contributions have been made to the construction and all-round revitalization of the "two leading districts."


In his briefing, Hao Hongjun pointed out that party organizations at all levels and the vast number of party members and cadres in the city should draw profound lessons from typical cases and draw lessons from one another and draw lessons from them. It is necessary to strengthen education in ideals and beliefs, persevere in studying and implementing Xi Jinping's thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and always maintain a high degree of consistency with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core.It is necessary to consolidate the responsibility of administering the party and ensuring that the responsibility of the main body takes root. It is necessary to earnestly strengthen the implementation of the system, really let power run in the sun, and put power in the cage of the system. It is necessary to seriously supervise the accountability of discipline enforcement and create a strong deterrent. It is necessary to encourage cadres to take on their responsibilities and to protect the enthusiasm of the vast number of cadres to start a business to the greatest extent.


Members of the standing Committee of the Municipal CPC Committee, members of the leading bodies of the standing Committee of the Municipal people's Congress, the Municipal Government and the Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, the President of the Municipal Court, the Procurator-General of the Municipal Procuratorate, and the main responsible comrades of the party and government of various districts, counties, and open pilot areas and the secretaries of discipline (work) committees, various ministries and commissions of the municipal party committee, various units directly under the city, and the organs of mass groups, and the main responsible comrades of the party committees (party groups) and discipline inspection commissions (discipline inspection teams) of the relevant units under the central province attended the meeting.