Members of Liaoning Delegation Made Speeches When Deliberating Government Work Report

In the afternoon of March 6, representatives from Liaoning province continued to deliberate the government work report. Chen Qiufa, Tang Yijun, Jiang Youwei, Tan Chengxu, Chen Jizhuang, Sun Dongming, Zheng Ke, Gao Chen, Lin Yongzhong and other representatives successively made a speech.

“2018 is the beginning year for implementing the spirits of the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China. Under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee headed by comrade Xi Jinping, the economy features steady growth, the people are living a happy life, and their sense of security is continuously enhanced. We made a good start in 2018. The achievements demonstrate the excellent leading power of the CPC central committee. The achievements also demonstrate the power of Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,” said Cheng Qiufa, the secretary of the CPC committee of Liaoning province.  

“General Secretary Xi Jinping have made a series of instructions on the development of Liaoning province. The important speeches made by Xi Jinping on an inspection tour in Liaoning province and at a symposium on rejuvenation of northeast China provide a direction for us. We treat implementation of the spirits of the speeches as a primary political task. By issuing a series of documents, the 10th plenary session of the 12th CPC committee of Liaoning province aims to wage ‘a campaign of emancipating the mind and promoting high-quality development’, fill up the ‘four major short planks’, and conscientiously fulfill the ‘six major tasks’. By deepening the reform, such as simplifying administrative procedures, optimizing the business environment, streamlining the government at provincial, city and county levels, we have greatly improved the administrative efficacy. By promoting the supply-side reform, upgrading old enterprises, developing existing enterprises, and cultivating new businesses, we have further improved the economic structure. We take 23 measures to facilitate the development of privately-owned businesses. By promoting further transition between old and new momentum of development, we have achieved good results from deepened reform. We are committed to implementing the strategy of building northeast China into a key economic support belt in the country which features advanced equipment manufacturing bases with international competitiveness, strategic bases for major technical equipment, national bases of new-type raw materials, bases of modern agricultural production, as well as bases of major technical innovation, research and development. At the same time, we are further implementing the ‘five-region development strategy’ in Liaoning province. By steadily promoting the construction of Liaoning Free Trade Zone, we aim to integrate the port resources and improve our level of opening up and cooperation. Focused on innovation-led development, we are speeding up the construction of Shenyang pilot zone of comprehensive innovation and reform, Shenyang-Dalian pilot zone of independent innovation, new Jinpu district of Dalian, and Shenyang-Fushun pilot zone of innovation and reform. A host of new growth points are shaping up. Based on the people-oriented idea of development, we continue to increase our investment in improving the people’s livelihood. It is our obligation to wage three major campaigns, that is, neutralizing major risks, precise poverty relief, and pollution control. By integrating the work involving creation of jobs, education, health care, elderly service, social insurance, transformation of shanty towns, etc., we are continuously improving the people’s sense of gains. By prioritizing Party’s political construction, we are continuously raising the political awareness of Party members. By intensifying Party members’ confidence in our direction of development and our future destiny, the confidence in our theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the confidence in our political system, and the confidence in our culture, we are continuously purifying the political ecology. We firmly uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping as the central leader of the central committee of Chinese Communist Party of China, and the Party as a whole. And we firmly uphold the authority of the central committee of Chinese Communist Party of China and its centralized leadership. By maintaining a high-pressure stance against corruption, we usher in a fresh political atmosphere. A new spirit characteristic of Liaoning province is shaping up. We will conscientiously implement the spirits of the National People’s Congress of China, as well as the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. By specifying the responsibility among all levels of government and personnel, we are confident that we can effectively implement the tasks assigned to us,” said Chen Qiufa.

“Now we have a clear direction and policies. It is important for us to effectively implement the policies under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Firstly, it is necessary to deepen the reform. By reducing excessive production capacity, cutting excess urban real estate inventory, de-leveraging, reducing the cost of enterprises, and filling up short planks in the course of development, we would create a favorable business environment. By disposing of ‘zombie’ state-owned enterprises, and upgrading the existing state-owned enterprises, we would steadily facilitate the reform of state-owned enterprises. We would steadfastly support the development of privately-owned businesses. Secondly, it is necessary to open wider to the outside world. By integrating Liaoning into the ‘belt & road’ initiative, quickening the integration of port resources, and promoting integration of land-based economy and marine economy, we aim to build Liaoning into a major opening-up gateway in northeast China. By promoting businesses and investment, attracting talent, developing rural economy, and practicing the pattern of regional economic cooperation such as enclave economy, we aim to lead the development based on multi-directional opening up. It is necessary to promote innovation. By focusing on the major battlefield of manufacturing, sticking to technological innovation, increasing investment in science and technology, reforming institutional mechanisms, and creating a favorable environment to attract talent, we aim to promote high-quality development of the manufacturing, and make the real economy more solid. Fourthly, by simplifying administrative procedures, providing one-stop service for the people, improving the ecological environment, and purifying political life, we aim to create a favorable business environment. Fifthly, by waging specific campaigns to improve the work style of government departments and the personnel, we would usher in the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China with great achievements,” said Tang Yijun, the governor of Liaoning province.

“The development of Liaoning province is inseparable from the help and support from all sides, especially the media. I hope the media to lend a hand to the development of Liaoning province by publicizing Liaoning province as always,” said Tang Yijun.

“It is important for us to meet the requirement put forward by the government work report. By sticking to the two-wheel drive by technological innovation and innovation in the sci-tech system, incentivizing the vitality of market players, improving the people’s livelihood, cultivating featured industries, optimizing the business environment, and comprehensively deepening the reform, we aim to push for quality development of Shenyang,” said Jiang Youwei, the mayor of Shenyang.