Dalian Municipal Government Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Post Group

Dalian Municipal Government Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Post Corporation at Bangchui Island Hotel on February 26.  Tan Zuojun, member of the standing committee of the provincial party committee and secretary of the municipal party committee, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, Liu Aili, chairman of the China Post Corporation, and Luo Dongsheng, deputy mayor attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, China Post will accelerate the construction of Dalian's postal infrastructure, optimize the distribution of the postal network, promote the development of Dalian's cross-border electronic commerce, improve the level of logistics services, and serve Dalian's regional economic and social development and the improvement of people's livelihood.  At the same time, adhere to the strategic positioning of serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", serving the community and serving small and medium-sized enterprises, give full play to the advantages of large amount of capital, long investment period and low interest rate, increase credit investment in Dalian, and promote Dalian's high-quality development.

Thanks to China Post Group's strong support for Dalian's economic and social development over the years, Tan Zuojun and Tan Chengxu said.  The government will actively promote the implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement, and support China Post in continuously increasing basic capacity building, expanding various business scales, and jointly providing comprehensive and convenient services in urban and rural areas.  China Post Group attaches great importance to its development in Dalian and will continue to increase its investment in Dalian to serve the local economic and social development, Liu Aili said.