The Third Branch of the Municipal Tax Bureau: "the Preferential Policy" Promotes "Mutual Benefit and Reciprocity" between Banks and Enterprises

Yesterday, the third branch of the municipal tax bureau "the Preferential Policy" came to Dalian branch of a state-owned bank.  This makes everyone feel personally that the tax authorities not only help small and micro enterprises to obtain loans, but also send "New Year gift bags" for the banking industry to enjoy tax-free preferential policies.

Tax officials explained one by one the preferential tax policies for exemption of interest income from value-added tax on loans from the banking sector to small and micro enterprises, encouraging the banking sector to actively extend loans to small and micro enterprises.  "After listening to your door-to-door explanation, we have a better understanding of preferential tax policies.  We will actively extend loans to small and micro enterprises, which is beneficial to small and micro enterprises and to our bank itself. "Bank officials said.  After enjoying preferential tax policies, the bank has issued loans of 5.488 billion yuan to 1,027 small and micro enterprises, with interest income of 16.33 million yuan and tax exemption of 920,000 yuan.

Since the state promulgated the preferential policy of exempting small and micro enterprises from value-added tax in the banking sector, the third branch of the municipal tax bureau, which serves the city's banking tax collection and administration, has opened a "the Preferential Policy " to visit banks one by one and communicate "face to face" with each other. It has publicized and implemented this major favorable policy of the state, mobilized the enthusiasm of the city's banking sector and promoted small and micro enterprises to obtain loans in a timely manner. The banking industry also enjoyed this tax exemption in time, which improved its operation and promoted its healthy development.  According to statistics, since the implementation of the new preferential policy in September 2018, the city's banking sector has granted loans of 11.1 billion yuan to 2,074 small and micro enterprises, and the interest income from loans of 56.3 million yuan from the banking sector has enjoyed tax exemption of 3.03 million yuan, thus realizing the "mutual benefit and double benefits" between the banking sector and small and micro enterprises.