The New deal of our City "increases the value" of High-skilled talents in an all-round way

In order to implement the spirit of the circular issued by the general offices of the CPC central Committee and the state Council on " opinions on improving the treatment of skilled workers" and the circular issued by the general offices of the CPC Liaoning provincial Committee and the Liaoning provincial people's government on " opinions on further improving the treatment of skilled workers", the municipal party Committee office and the municipal government office issued the circular on " work plan on further improving the treatment of skilled workers". This New Deal highlights the orientation of " high precision and lack of skills" and vigorously improves the political, economic and social treatment level of high-skilled talents.


The "Plan" adheres to the principles of fully embodying top-level design, maintaining policy continuity, and combining with the actual innovation of our city. It is put forward to improve the treatment level of highly skilled leading talents, improve the income level of skilled workers, support skilled workers to improve their treatment according to their skills, smooth the way for skilled workers to grow into talents, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of skilled workers, and widely publicize them. There are 24 policy measures in 6 aspects, such as labor achievement and value creation of skilled workers.


Here are the main contents of the "Plan": to set up a service window for highly skilled talents, which is responsible for coordinating the implementation of relevant policies and treatment; and the inclusion of highly skilled talents in the scope of contact experts between the party committee and the government. Appropriately increase the proportion of representatives of the party congress, the NPC, the CPPCC, the group congress and members of the Committee; To encourage enterprises to set up special post allowances for high-skilled talents, such as special post allowances, to break the rules for promoting skilled workers with outstanding achievements, and to introduce high-skilled talents and their immediate family members to enjoy the support policies of settling down and initially raising the "target to school" and so on. To focus on supporting high-skilled talents to take their own skills through the skills master studio (station); qualified high-skill leading talents to go abroad (environment) training programs are given priority to be included in the annual overseas (environment) training program. To fund their participation in scientific and technological exchange activities.


Our city will also implement a wage incentive plan. For example, to carry out enterprise salary survey, release enterprise labor cost information and wage guidance price, to deepen the "double contract month" activities, to strengthen the construction of the team of wage collective negotiation instructors; To formulate policies to promote the enjoyment of skilled workers and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The relevant departments and units in our city will further improve and optimize policies and measures, build and carry forward the spirit of labor models and craftsmen throughout the city, and create a social fashion of respecting labor and a culture of dedication to excellence.