The municipal government holds the 29th executive meeting of the 16th authority

Yesterday, the municipal government held the 29th executive meeting of the 16th authority, conveying the learning to implement the provincial Party secretary, the provincial people's Standing Committee Chen Qiufa in the investigation of the spirit of speech, research and deployment implementation of the work; Notify the deputies to the municipal people's congress to handle the assessment of the work; Hearing the work of public interest litigation in our city, and deploying safety production, etc.;  Consider the adoption of "Implementation plan for further speeding up the construction of social credit system". Tan Chengxu, Mayor of the Municipal Government, took the Chair and spoke, and the municipal government led Luolin, Yang Yawei, Wei Guo Wei, Changxing Island Economic Zone Administration Committee Director Yang Guang Zhi, the Secretary-General of the municipal government to attend the meeting. Li Er Gong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, was invited to attend relevant topics.

The meeting pointed out that Comrade Chen Qiufa carried out research in our city to implement the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping in Liaoning and in-depth efforts to promote the revitalization of the Northeast in the Northeast, implement the “1 + 8” series of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and comprehensively strengthen the party building, Efforts are made to advance the construction of “the two first zones”, so as to realize the concrete deployment of high-quality development, with strong pertinence and guidance. The governments at all levels will conscientiously implement the spirit of Comrade Chen Qiufa's speech, deeply engage the emancipating the mind and promote the high-quality development of practical activities, and fully focus on the implementation of various tasks and ensure the successful completion of this year's work. To focus on the “Four short boards”, make a good implementation of“six key tasks” and plan for next year's work tasks. We should comprehensively strengthen party building and earnestly study the party's main responsibility. In order to effectively do the work of the enterprise's “service secretary”, strictly implement the personnel selection training, management evaluation and other mechanisms to further improve the quality of service; To strengthen the development and operation of new imported projects, the production and operation of production projects and the development of scientific and technological enterprises to develop and expand all-round follow-up services, strive to create a first-class business environment, and be the leader of Liaoning comprehensive revitalization.

It was emphasized that the proposal of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members reflected the concern of the masses of the people on the work of the government. It is an important duty of the function of the government to make suggestions and proposals. Each undertaking department shall earnestly carry out the ideological awareness and deepen, handle the responsibilities and follow-up.  The communication contact is more meticulous, the quality re-raising, starting with the specific problems raised by the deputies and members, with a strict and solid working style, a special attention to the implementation, let the representative, the members and the general public were satisfied.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the national road traffic safety special video conference, and reported on the fire and explosion accident disposal of Binhai west road of Xingang district. It is emphasized that we should continue to make vigorous efforts on road traffic safety and carry out safe traffic operation and security operations. We should continue to implement special rectification work in the gas-filling area, promote the implementation of safety production responsibility, and strengthen the source control, law enforcement inspection and safety education. We should deepen the safety inspection in various industries and effectively improve the prevention and control capability and safety guarantee level, so as to ensure the steady improvement of the safety production situation in the whole city.

The meeting also considered and adopted the "Implementation Plan for the Promotion and Construction of the Belt and Road" and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Dalian" and the mid-term monitoring and evaluation report on the implementation of the Outline, and studied other issues.