Dalian Customs implements “One-stop” procedures for enterprise follow-up supervision.

Yesterday, the Dalian Customs Inspection Group came to Dalian Yilin International Trade Co., Ltd. to work on the spot. It came there to implement “one-stop” management to deal with the following supervision procedures, such as inspection, commodity inspection and supervision of the enterprise, which is the first follow-up supervision service since the pilot work of "integration of multiple checks and inspection" has been carried out.

The reform of "integration of multiple checks and inspection" is an important achievement of the reform of customs system. Dalian Customs is the first pilot unit of the general administration of Customs to carry out the reform of "integration of multiple checks and inspection". In accordance with the requirements of the General Administration and the characteristics of customs areas, Dalian Customs will deal with 59 follow-up supervision procedures centrally like tariff service, bonded supervision business, inspection business, enterprise management business, statistical service, original commodity supervision and so on.  At the same time, it will optimize the follow-up supervision workflow to enhance the work efficiency substantially.