The Briefing Session on Dalian's Taiwan-Friendly Policy

On December 8, the briefing session on Dalian’s Taiwan-friendly policy, the Taiwan Businessman Association Forum  hosted by the Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office were held at Dalian New World Hotel. More than 100 people attended the meeting, including Xiong Boli, the member of standing Dalian Municipal Party Committee and secretary-general of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, responsible persons of the National Taiwan Affairs Office and the Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, Chen Yixin, Vice-Director of the Mainland Affairs Department of the China Kuomintang, Wang Zihan, Executive Vice-President of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland, and representatives of the Municipal Taiwan Businessman Association and Provincial and Municipal Taiwan Associations of other provinces.

At the meeting, the relevant leaders of the Municipal Business Bureau explained in detail the background and main contents of the Dalian’s Several Policies and Measures for Enlarging Opening-up and Actively Utilizing Foreign Capital. He also discussed and exchanged with the participants on Dalian's investment policy and business environment for attracting Taiwanese businessmen. The responsible persons of Dalian Taiwan Affairs Office announced and introduced Dalian's Measures for Promoting Economic and Cultural Exchange and Cooperation between Dalian and Taiwan. Delegates who were at the meeting said that the policy measures sent good news to Taiwanese businessmen to invest in Dalian, which strengthened their confidence in increasing their investment in Dalian.