The City's Conference on Financial Work Was Held

On November 29th, the City's Conference on Financial Work was held in Bangchui Island Hotel. The conference studied and implemented deeply general secretary Xi Jinping’s a series of important statement on financial work, implemented countrywide and the whole province financial work conference spirit, studied and deployed our city’s financial work, accelerated construction of Dalian’s regional financial centers. Standing Committee、Secretary Provincial Committee of the CPC Tan Zuojun, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor Tan Chengxu attended and spoke. Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Xiao Shengfeng, Chairman of municipal CPPCC Wang Qiyao attended the meeting. Deputy mayor Jin Guowei conveyed the spirit of countrywide and the whole province financial work conference and Interpreted the relevant documents.


In speech, Tan Zuojun pointed since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping as the core of the Central Committee attached great importance to financial work, general secretary Xi Jinping published a series of important speeches and made important instructions successively to indicate the direction and provide fundamental compliance for doing well in current and future financial work and maintaining financial security. All regions and departments of the city should study and implement deeply general secretary Xi Jinping’s important statement on financial work and focus on the Central Committee of the Party’s significant judgment on financial conditions and do a good job in guiding principle, important principle, approaches on financial work, thoroughly analyze chances and challenges that our city’s financial work face, better play a fundamental and overall and strategic role in financial work, promote construction of Dalian’s regional financial centers to a new stage.


Tan Zuojun emphasized they should mobilize all kinds of financial resources actively and continuous promote finance services the substantial economy’s efficiency and level. Support for the structural reform of supply-side and provide effective financial service for transformation and upgrade of the economic structure; give support to SOE reforms and introduce financial tools and means to create conditions for value maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets; give support scientific innovation entrepreneurship, promote finance and science to be deeply integrated and create “Venture capital”; give support to private economic development and to solve the problem that private enterprises has difficult and expensive finance as the key direction, take good financial service to arouse the company's developing vigor. Do a good job in financial risk controlling, hold the bottom line that does not take place with regional and systemic financial risk firmly. Comprehensive assess and investigate debt pressure and hidden danger, strictly control government debt risk; regulate financial chaos firmly, ensure financial order and social order stability; unimpeded enterprise debt resolution channels, protection against enterprise debt risk properly.


Deepen financial reform and innovate continuously and build safe and efficient financial supervision system which has reasonable structure and perfect function. Study earnestly Shanghai advanced  experience, promote the financial reform steadily; sort out region financial supervision system fast and implement risk management responsibilities, strictly restrict financial industry admittance; optimize financial structure and promote various direct investment and financing tools to go forward together and break over dependence on indirect finance; promote free trade finance actively, promote facilitate trade and investment, promote financial industry to improve the quality and effectiveness, to be excellent and strong.


Tan Zuojun emphasized they should strengthen the Party’s leadership in financial work and ensure our city’s financial reform development always advance in the right direction. Strictly implement the major policy and decision-making and deployment of the Central Committee of the Party Central Committee on the financial work, further improve system and mechanism that Party committee lead financial work, play a better role in party organization and municipal Party committee in financial system and financial working committee. Leading cadres at all levels should learn more finance, promote professional ability on knowing finance, using finance and managing finance, use the finance to control economic work. Government should build an effective mechanism of introducing and developing the financial talent, accelerate the development of all kinds of financial talents, provide strong talents support for financial industry development.


In speech, Tan Chengxu affirmed our city’s financial industry development in recent years from the level of finance service the real economy, construction of regional financial center, financial reform and innovation, financial policies open to the outside, ability to prevent and cover financial risks and so on, analyzed contradictions and problems our city’s financial system faced and why they are producing. He requested stick to problem-oriented, grasp direction, implement accurately and solve the problems one by one, build a solid foundation for the long-term development of our city's finance.


Tan Zuojun emphasized government should implement countrywide and the whole province financial work conference spirit fully, build the regional finance center as the target, solve the contradicts and problems as the direction, service the real economy and prevent and control financial risks and deepen financial reform as the focus to promote our city’s economy and finance to perfect cycle and good development. The government should effectively straighten out the local financial supervision relationship and accelerate regional financial regulator reform, strengthen coordination with the central government and the coordination between Dalian’s regulator and the coordination between municipality and districts. Exert the leading function of Dalian Commodity Exchange fully, utilize Dalian Commodity Exchange’s international cooperation relationship and effect, import offshore funds and financial institution actively; promote spot trading place integrated development, promote spot-futures linkage, quicken insurance and futures and shipping index futures develop. Government should go to all lengths to guarantee funds demand of real economy. Quicken major projects’ first-phase preparations, strive for credit funds to be put into operation as soon as possible; all financial institution should strive for more credit scale; use all kinds of resource and tools like insurance funds ,bonds, equity and so on actively, widen capital source channel.


Tan Zuojun emphasized government should speed up the disposal of non-performing assets, build and perfect long-term mechanism of risk prevention and speed up the control, thoroughly rectify the financial chaos and ensure financial environment stability and masses’ property safety. Government should focus on improving the core-competitiveness of financial institutions; headquarters of Dalian Bank, the countryside commercial bank, Huaxin trust, Aeon Life Insurance should aim at the first echelon target of domestic industry and strive for excellence and strength; speed up to set up financial holding conglomerates and integrate and add financial resources; make financial flagship which is deeply participating international and domestic financial compete and widen and multi-element to survive the whole city’s economy ;make full use of opportunity of Shanghai and Dalian counterpart cooperation and further opening up of the country, import high-quality resources energetically, set up new types of financial institution. They should preach our city’s financial sector’s achievements and the developing emphases widely, further advance Dalian’s financial image, strengthen the market confidence. Strongly support to commercial insurance to participate in people’s livelihood security system and help to take targeted measures in poverty alleviation and innovative public services; promote the real implementation of “Houses-for-pension” policies; strongly develop the finance of the countryside, continue to implement financial precision poverty alleviation and focus on improving the level that finance services livelihood.


Before conference, municipal committee, municipal government printed and distributed “Implementing Plan that Dalian Survive the Real Economy to Prevent and Control Financial Risk and Deepen Financial Reform” “Some Policy Measures on Promoting the Construction of Dalian Regional Financial Center”. The conference also awarded financial institutions and company encouraged by municipal government policies in 2017.


The chief leading comrades of related ministries and commissions of the municipal committee, districts and counties, all financial regulator, financial institutions and related units attended the conference.