The Whole City's Large-Scale Discussion Activity Summary Has been Held

On November 22, the whole city large-scale discussion activity summing up and carrying out emancipating the mind to promote the quality of high-quality development big practice active member congress has been held. Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee and Tan Zuojun, Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, attended and spoke. Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Mayor Tan Chengxu chaired the meeting. Xiao ShengFeng, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Wang Kai-yao, President of the Civic Association.


In his speech, Tan Zujun pointed out that since the large-scale study of the “Learning from the speak, mark Shanghai, emancipate the mind, really grab it.”, various departments and units in various regions engaged in the study and discussion around the “nine focusing”, and carried out deep-study “mark-to-standard mark” activities, actively participated in the “I offer a good plan for the development of Dalian” activities, achieved positive results and accumulated valuable experience. Through the activities carried out, the whole city's four sense of consciousness are strengthened, and the two maintenance are more determined, more precise in learning from Shanghai, and more emancipation of cadres. A sustained shift in the style of cadres, a number of development challenges and the livelihood of people's livelihood have been effectively addressed and promoted the sustainable economic and social development of the economy and society in recent days.


Tan Zuojun pointed out that in accordance with the requirements of the central committee and provincial party committee, the municipal party committee decided to deeply discuss the large-scale practice activities of the “emancipating the mind to promote quality development”, and the main contents were summarized as “Ideological and commanding, learning Shanghai, renewal idea, deepening reform, fighting hard, comprehensive revitalization” 24 characters. Activities are carried out in two phases, and from now on to the end of this year, the first stage is to break through the concept barrier that restricts the development of revitalization and achieves “Seven efforts are broken and seven strong sets”;In the second phase next year, the focus is to discuss and implement the goal, main task and action plan for Dalian's high quality development in the new era. At present, we should focus on the six key tasks in large-scale discussion of large-scale practice activities. One is the practice redeepening, in the conscious practice of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. it is necessary to combine learning to carry out the socialist thoughts of Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping and to combine new and new task new tasks as proposed by the Party's nineteenth century. in conjunction with the study to implement Xi Jinping's important speech spirit in the Northeast Revitalization Symposium in Liaoning as well as in-depth efforts to promote the Northeast Revitalization Symposium. He stressed that we should internalize the mind and externalize it; To plan, to carry out the whole process of Chinese characteristic socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xi's new era, make decision-making, do the whole process of the work, find the right direction of promoting the work, reform the thinking of innovation and solve the problem path method; We should be brave to practice, timely update ideas, bold practical innovations, and ensure the Party Central Committee's decision-making deployment takes root in Dalian. The second is to research and deepen, in the accurate grasp of the market situation. To get into the heart, go deep into the actual, go deep into the grass-roots level, go deep into the masses, really hear the truth, see the truth, get real knowledge, receive effectiveness; To understand the base number, find the problem, analyze the cause, conduct a re-excavations on the market conditions of the market, and then realize again; To solve the problem, find prospective incision, gradually break through, use the real move, really move, hard move the next “hard bone”. The third is accurate and precise, in the study of the advanced experience in Shanghai. In order to study Shanghai's development thoughts, we should make a comprehensive evaluation of the standard, not only to know it, but also to know what it is, and to promote the innovation of development thinking; To highlight the weak link, learn the “play the piano”, to the symptom of the medicine, precise application; To promote the transformation of experience, persist in seeking truth from facts, achieve precise landing, copy promotion, and strive to achieve effectiveness. The forth is the renewal of conception, and efforts are made to solve the problem of insufficient ideological emancipation. To solve the problems, such as the existing problems, dare to make bold try; To solve the problems existing in official standard thought, strengthen the consciousness of service and improve the quality of service; To solve the problems that still exist in the old-fashioned thought, consciously apply the innovative thinking to find the way of breaking it, wade out a new road, and break a road; We should further open up the open market and reduce unreasonable interference in the market, in order to solve the problems that respect the lack of market consciousness; In order to solve the problems of fighting hard struggle, always keep the mountain open, meet the bridge of the river to fight the spirit, to be gritty, and vigorous. The fifth is to focused on optimizing the business environment and innovation-driven, coordinated development, ecological construction, open cooperation and improving people's livelihood. it is necessary to adhere to the comprehensive reform, to optimize the business environment and to fully release the reform dividend; We should adhere to the development of innovation to foster the development of new kinetic energy and stimulate the endogenous dynamic of innovation. To adhere to the development of coordinated development, scientific and accurate application, the construction of urban and rural linkage development, and land integrated development of the new pattern; We should adhere to the green development, strengthen ecological construction and Environmental protection, and promote the construction level of beautiful Dalian; to adhere to the open development and the deep integration of “Belt and Road”, and strive to build a new high level of cooperation; We must adhere to the development of shared development, accelerate the integration of the short-plate in the people's livelihood, and continue to improve the sense of happiness and security for the broad masses. The sixth is that a change of style shall be made, and hard work on struggling shall struggle. To strive for the spirit, to fight hard, to make a good effort, to work hard, to fight bravely and to run out of the pursuit of acceleration; To carry forward the “nail-nail spirit”, bite the target, lay the responsibility, and grasp the work to implement; Want initiative service, establish “Every place is a window, everyone is the image” consciousness, when good new era "waiter". We should strengthen the Party's overall leadership and conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee's decision-making in Northeast China, serious inner-Party political life, establish the right personnel guidance, consolidate the overwhelming situation of anti-corruption struggle and create a good political ecology.


Tan Zuojun stressed that all departments in various regions should carry out large-scale discussion of large-scale practice activities as important tasks, elaborate organizations, and close-knit arrangements to ensure solid results. The leading group of the municipal Party committee shall make overall design and overall coordination, and the leading group office shall be responsible for the supervision, investigation and publicity, etc. All departments in various regions shall clarify the organizational structure, formulate specific work plan, up and down linkage and work closely together. Municipal team will play a role, which is demonstrative, and party committees (party groups) should seriously implement responsibility, level to level, and party committees (party groups) leading comrades need to personally take on the responsibility out of personally participate, personally drive and personally plan. To supervise and inspect the activities and actual results of the activities, establish an account, form the list, rectify the activities in a timely manner, and perform punishment on ineffective activities, and be responsible for the serious pursuit of responsibility. We should bring together the strength of the parties and make suggestions on the revitalization of the overall situation. We should increase public opinion publicity and create a strong atmosphere of mutual concern and participation.


At the meeting, Ganjingzi District, the City Planning Bureau, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the High-tech Zones' leaders made exchange statements.


The Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal People's Congress, the members of the municipal associations party group, the districts and counties, the leading district Party and the government leading comrades, the municipal Party committee ministries, and the leading comrades of the municipal government departments, etc. participate in the meeting.