Our City Held a Market Promotion Conference to Recommend and Introduce Dalian’s Investment Development Opportunities to Entrepreneurs

In order to thoroughly and implement general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech spirit in Deepening the Northeast China Revitalization Symposium and Private Enterprises Symposium, on November 14th, our city held Dalian Private Entrepreneur Meeting. This afternoon, municipal party committee and municipal government held Dalian’s market promotion conference to recommend and introduce Dalian’s investment development opportunities to 106 private entrepreneurs who came to Dalian to attend the meeting in Fulihua hotel. Undersecretary of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Xu Lejiang attended and spoke. Standing Committee、Secretary Provincial Committee of the CPC Tan Zuojun attended and recommended and introduced it. Deputy secretary of the municipal party committee、mayor Tan Chengxu hosted this meeting. Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Xiao Shengfeng attended the meeting.


Entrepreneur representative Constant Force Group’s chairman Chen Jianhua 、Suning Group‘s chairman Zhang Jindong、SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD’’s chairman Liang Wengen、Taikang Insurance Group’s chairman Chen Dongsheng、Wing Tong Chang Group‘s chairman Zhang Zongzhen and Neusoft Group’s chairman Liu Jiren spoke successively.


In speech, Xu Lejiang gave affirmation to Dalian’s construction and development. He pointed that general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech in the Private Enterprises Symposium has injected a strong impetus in maintaining the good momentum of the private economy’s development and has injected firm confidence in private economy moving towards a broader stage, at the same time, it also make a large number of private entrepreneurs feel kind and warm and they also feel deeply the Party Central Committee's firm determination to vigorously support the private enterprises’ development.


Xu Lejiang emphasized implement Northeast Revitalization Strategy is the Party Central Committee and the Sate Council ‘s decision. Dalian as the first nationwide coastal development zones and northeast Open Door To the Outside World’s leader, it has obvious advantages in development and huge development potential and private enterprises have a brilliant future to delevop. He hoped a large number of private entrepreneurs confirm their confidence and make a difference and   participate in national strategy by practical action actively to contribute for northeast revitalization and Dalian high-quality development. Local Party committees and governments at all levels should further free mind, change mind, build up the development environment and institutional mechanisms,  cultivate innovative and venture soil, make market forces well, create a favorable environment for sound development of private economic, build private entrepreneur investment and come true their dreams. United Front Department and association of industry and commerce should implement actively ,give frontline survice ,offer help to solve enterprises’ difficulties and problem in investments and developments, promote actively the establishment of a new and cordial and clean relationship between government official and businessman and promote to play an active role in “Two Health”.


Tan Zuojun as a municipal party committee and municipal government representative expressed welcome to private entrepreneurs who attended the meeting. Tan Zuojun first introduced under the strong leadership of the party central committee and the provincial party committee, Dalian has a new grade in development and revitalization. Then, he recommended and introduced the investment development opportunities in Dalian to everyone.


Tan Zuojun said Party Central Committee and the Sate Council attach great importance to  Comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China and a series of policies to support the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China have been launched successively, they are policy portfolio; Dalian as a important part of The Belt and Road Initiative has open andcooperation carriers such as Summer Davos Forum and China soft Trade Fair and so on and cooperation has bright prospects with countries along; Dalian is the northeast Open Door To the Outside World’s leader; Dalian area of Liaoning FTA pilot area formed a series of institutional innovation achievements which can copy and extend; and now it is bidding for the construction of free trade port actively. Tan Zuojun also said, Dalian has the good basic of innovation and venture and solid foundation on conventional industries such as equipment manufacturing, intel on behalf of strategic industry accelerately gathered, modern service industry such as navigation, logistics, finance is just unfolding; Dalian’s scientific research strength is stronger and it has a number of state key institutions and scientific research institutions and launch a better talent policy successively and it is forming a scene of attracting talents. Tan Zuojun also recommended and introduced Dalian’s manager entrepreneurship’s business environment. He said that Dalian policied a series of  policy documents successively on establishment of an enterprise, project construction, electric and land, technological innovation, talent introduction, financial innovation and so on; deepening the reform of release and administrate and survice; establish important project "Service Secretary" guarantee system, broaden the financing channel, lower the companies’ financing costs; create favorable conditions for private enterprises to innovate and entrepreneurship.


Finally, Tan Zuojun said Dalian’s municipal party committee and municipal government is studying and pursuing deeply Xi Jinping’s important speech spirit in Deepening the Northeast China Revitalization Symposium and Private Enterprises Symposium, firmly set up clear orientation on  developing private economy, implement all kinds of private economy development policies in an all-round way, support for private enterprise developments as ever.He expressed his welcome to every private entrepreneur to give attention to Dalian’s development and participation in Dalian’s construction, they can invest and realize their ambition in Dalian. He believed if Dalian has favored by strategic investors and efforts of all citizens ,it will have a wonderful future.


Entrepreneur representative Chen Jianhua, Zhang Jindong, Liang Wengen, Zhang Zongzhen, Liu Jiren expressed Dalian as the window of Opening up in Northeast China, it has abundant industry base, obvious port advantage, good business environment, abundant human resources, strong scientific strength ,superior environment, private enterprises’ broad investment developments and now is the best stage to invest Dalian to revitalization in speech.


Before the conference, private entrepreneurs who attended the meeting was divided into four groups to investigate and research on-the-spot our city’s important industries and projects.


United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee and United Front Work Department of the provincial Party committee’s relevant leaders, municipal leaders Zhao Daguang, Xiong Boli, Li Pengyu, Zengbo, Jin Guowei, Wang Lingjie, Zhao Min, Liu Gang, Liaoning coastal economic belt municipalities relevant leaders, our city’s relevant departments , districts and counties and the main responsible colleagues in opening pilot area and so on participated relevant activities.