The Meeting Held by the Work Leading Group of Municipal Talents

On October 30, the city's leading group on talent work held a meeting to convey the spirit of the 45th meeting of the Central Coordinating Group on Talent Work and the provincial Colloquium on talent work, as well as the relevant requirements of the Bureau of Talent Work of the Ministry of Central Committee on talent introduction policy, and to study and deploy the key talent policy work in our city. The meeting also considered and adopted the "one thing, one discussion" talent support matters in our city, as well as Several Specific Issues on the Implementation of the"5 + 22 Talent Policy and Dalian City Development Catalogue of Shortage Talents. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee and leader of the municipal talent work leading group, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Tan Chengxu, deputy head of the municipal Party committee, mayor and city talent work leading group, conveyed the spirit of the meeting. City leaders Lu Lin and Zhao Daguang attended


In his speech, Tan Zuojun emphasized that the whole city should study and implement the important proposals of President Xi Jinping on talent work and the spirit of organizing working meetings of the whole country and the whole province, adhere to the principle of Party's management of talent, speed up the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the city with talents, focus on the design of talent policy which should be based on their own realistic needs, grasp the reform of substantive mechanism and talent policy and try to improve level of the innovation, talent political guidance and absorption, which will vigorously enhance the effectiveness of talent training, introduction and use, and strive to build a team of outstanding talents committed to patriotism, innovation and creation, in order to provide strong talent support for accelerating the construction of the "two precursors"


Tan Zuojun stressed that giving priority to solving the urgent need for talents is an effective way to solve the problem of industrial development. We should release a clear orientation of talent priority development, show Dalian's sincere desire for talents and determination to attach importance to talents and love talents. The city should give priority to solving the urgent need for talents as the top priority of talent work, adhere to demand-oriented, and promote the precise implementation of key talent work in the city. First, we should promote the reform of talent development system and mechanism, concentrate on the implementation of key reform tasks, innovate talent training, evaluation, mobility and incentive mechanisms, transfer power to the employer, accelerate the construction of talent management reform pilot areas, and further stimulate talent vitality. Secondly, we should optimize and upgrade the talent policy, adhere to the precise design of the policy, make it conform to the reality of Dalian, reflect the demand for talents, and reduce the threshold effectively; we also should adhere to the policy landing, clarify the management process, time schedule, responsible persons, establish a coordination mechanism, and precisely solve key and difficult problems; then we should adhere to policy evaluation, follow up. It is also our work to track and understand the implementation of talent policy, the use of funds, the condition of role playing, transformation of results, and so on. What's more we have to timely adjust and optimize the policy accordingly


Thirdly, we should create a first-class soft environment for talents. In terms of service concept, we should be willing to be their servants; in terms of service mode, we should focus on extensive and active service; in terms of service content, we should do what we say, honor our commitments, and ensure that the work is done well for talents.


Tan Zuojun stressed that we should establish a long-term mechanism to give priority to the study and solution of talent issues, and consolidate the political responsibility to promote the priority development of talents. In order to form a co-management work pattern, the organizational departments should play a leading role and strengthen supervision, inspection and assessment; each member unit should focus on the education, medical security, innovation and entrepreneurship support, and treatment implementation of children which is concerned by the majority of talents and employers, and come up with practical and effective solutions. We should strengthen the work of Party committees in liaison with service experts, and build a collaborative innovation platform for industry, University and research should firmly grasp the initiative of public opinion propaganda for talent work, and create a strong atmosphere of support and respect for achievement talents in the whole city


Members of the Leading Group of the City's Talent Work and some major responsible members of the Party (Labor) Committees of the districts, cities and counties and the open pilot districts attended the meeting.