Our City Has Further Relaxed the Quantitative Criteria for Applying for APEC Business Travel Cards

Yesterday, the Municipal Government held a press briefing on further relaxing the qualification criteria for applying for APEC business travel cards. At the meeting, the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office interpreted the relevant information on APEC business travel cards and the changes in the qualification criteria for applying for APEC business travel cards. Our city started to allow applying for APEC business travel cards in 2008. At present, there are more than 1400 valid cards in the city, and some enterprise personnel have changed travel cards several times.


With the promotion of "the Belt and Road Initiative" , international capacity cooperation and other opening-up projects, economic and trade exchanges between various enterprises and personnel and APEC economies have become increasingly frequent. APEC Business Travel Cards play an increasingly important role in boosting enterprises and personnel to participate in economic and trade cooperation in the Asian-Pacific region.  According to the requirements of relevant documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to the qualification quantification standard of Liaoning Foreign Affairs Office, and after consulting and verifying with authoritative departments and professionals, the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office formulated the " Qualification Quantification Standard for Dalian Enterprise Personnel to Apply for APEC Business Travel Cards" in the next half year of 2017. After a year of operation, according to the new standards issued by the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and the actual situation in our city, the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office further relaxed the qualification quantification standards in September this year and reported them to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the record.


Compared with the original standard, the new APEC Business Travel Card Qualification Quantification Standard has relaxed four requirements for travel card applicants and enterprises: First, the import and export volume of enterprises last year was not less than 500,000 yuan, and the original standard was 600,000 yuan; Second, the enterprises can pay taxes normally of the previous year and will not be stipulated the amount of taxes. The original standard was that the amount of taxes paid should not be less than 200,000 yuan. Third, the asset-liability ratio of the enterprise is not more than 80 %, and the original standard was not more than 65 %. Fourth, the applicant's scope has been expanded to technical personnel on the basis of middle-level and high-level business personnel in the enterprises. In the quantitative criteria for applying for APEC business travel card qualification, enterprises are required to have a registered capital of not less than 500,000 yuan, which is the same as the original criteria. The applicant is required to work continuously for more than 2 years in the bidding enterprise and the remaining period of the contract is more than 5 years, which is the same as the original standard. In addition, considering the differences among enterprises in different industries, for enterprises that can’t meet the above standards at the same time and do have the need to handle cards, the competent departments of the districts, cities, counties and leading districts where the enterprises are located can issue official letters explaining the particularity of the card handling standards and the necessity of applying for travel cards, and report them to the higher authorities for examination.


   APEC Business Travel Card is a multilateral visa reciprocal arrangement of APEC, with one application, five-year validity, multiple entry and fast customs clearance.