Tan Chengxu: Strictly Stick to the Bottom Line in Implementing Policies Accurately

Yesterday, Mayor Tan Chengxu visited Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. to investigate the construction of the 20 million tons / year petrochemical integration project. He asked the relevant departments of the municipal government and the Changxing Island Economic Zone Management Committee to strengthen measures and implement precise policies to break through key links and ensure the smooth completion and commissioning of the project. And it is necessary to strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety in production, strictly abide by the safety bottom line, and do a solid job in all aspects of safety in production. Liu Lin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor, and Yang Guangzhi, director of the Changxing Island Economic Zone Management Committee, participated in the investigation.


At the construction site of propane and butane dehydrogenation unit and p-xylene integrated unit, Tan Chengxu learned about the progress of the project and safety management in detail and expressed his condolences to the construction personnel. He told the head of the construction unit to strengthen all-round and full-coverage safety education, put safety production responsibility and measures into every post and every person, and let the safety production concept into every link and take root in every employee's heart. Tan Chengxu asked Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. to conscientiously implement the "four mechanisms" of safety production, strengthen the safety management at the construction site, scientifically organize and strengthen safety, speed up progress and ensure quality.


At the symposium, Chen Jianhua, chairman and president of Hengli Group, reported on the progress of the project and the problems that need the assistance of government departments. The relevant person in charge of Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. reported on the safety production of the enterprise. The responsible comrades of Dalian Customs, Fire Brigade, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Port Authority and Safety Supervision Bureau made speeches to jointly discuss and negotiate solutions to solve problems and to clarify the next steps.


After listening carefully to the speech, Tan Chengxu said that comrades from relevant regions and departments have paid a lot of effort and sweat to ensure the smooth progress of this major project. At present, the construction of the project has entered a critical stage. Everyone should take the special action of " focusing on practical work and implementing" as the starting point to further enhance service awareness, and do everything for the project to ensure the careful implementation of all work. Tan Chengxu stressed that all responsible departments and units should organize special meetings, carefully sort out the problems in the project construction and study effective solutions. It is necessary to immediately carry out the "Hengli Petrochemical Project Work Month" activity, and the main leaders of relevant regions and departments will serve as liaisons, participate in project construction and dispatch meetings held by the municipal government, strengthen coordination among departments and regions, and ensure that various decision-making arrangements are effective and all work is carried out in an orderly manner according to the time node.


During the investigation, Tan Chengxu emphasized that with the National Day holiday approaching, all regions, departments and units should do a good job of safety in production during the holiday, strengthen the red line consciousness and responsibility consciousness of safety in production, strengthen inspection and investigation, and rectify hidden dangers of accidents, so as to maintain social stability. It is critical to adhere to the problem-oriented and highlight the key points of supervision. Everyone must be on duty and open the information channel to ensure that the people have a happy and peaceful festival.