Tan Chengxu Held Talks with Entrepreneurs Planning to Invest and Increase Capital in Dalian

Many entrepreneurs believe that Dalian is an opportunity city with innovative spirit, huge development potential and good business environment. Yesterday, more than 10 Chinese and foreign business executives felt Dalian's pragmatic style in their talks with Mayor Tan Chengxu, thus further confirming their understanding of Dalian. As pointed out by Gao Feng, the Secretary - General of Chinese API Technology Union and the General Manager of Beijing Mediking Biopharm Co., Ltd., Dalian is becoming an ideal place for Chinese and foreign enterprises to " work hard" with greater development potential and more opportunities for investment and development.


Due to the success of the investment project in Dalian, Gao Feng brought executives from nine biopharmaceutical enterprises such as Bionna Medicine, to discuss the project investment with the Dalian delegation. He said that he felt the sincerity of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government in serving the enterprises in Dalian and tasted the benefits of investment in Dalian. He would like to be a volunteer propagandist in Dalian and mobilize more enterprises to invest and develop here. In addition, Gao Feng also put forward valuable suggestions for the development of bio-medicine industry in Dalian.


As early as 2011, Microsoft (China) announced that Dalian will be included in the " urban development" plan to realize Microsoft's further development in Dalian. Teng Wen, Microsoft's vice-president for Greater China and general manager of the Public Sector Department of China, said the attitude and actions of Dalian's service-oriented government are a great benefit to enterprises. In other words, the strong industrial base, numerous software talents, preferential investment policies and good ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship have further strengthened Microsoft(China)’s confidence in expanding investment in Dalian.


HIT(Beijing) Military and Civil Integration Innovation Research Institute Co., Ltd. focuses on aerospace, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent equipment, laser technology, new generation information technology, new materials and new energy, and strives to realize the introduction of advantageous industrial resources and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Zhang Hongtao, general manager of the company, said in a meeting with Tan Chengxu that Dalian has strong industrial and technological strength, concentrated innovation elements, outstanding pioneering ability and a good business environment. The company will make full use of the advantages and characteristics of Dalian's military-civilian deep integration development to carry out scientific research and development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Zhang Hongtao revealed that the company has entered a substantive operation stage in the establishment of the "military and civilian integration and innovation industrial park" project.


During the discussion, Song Hailiang, Vice President of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., Hao Jingzhen, CEO of FMM Network Technology Co. Ltd., and Li Junhai, General Manager of COSCO Offshore Oil Transportation Co., Ltd. also conducted in-depth exchanges with Tan Chengxu on specific investment projects.


Tan Chengxu said that the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will do their utmost to support enterprises to invest in Dalian, so as to provide sincere service, fine service, active service and full service, creating a wider world for investors and creating a more relaxed and harmonious development environment.