Tan Chengxu Led the Delegation to Vigorously Promote Potential Dalian in Beijing

Development cannot be separated from investment, investment cannot be separated from projects, and projects cannot be separated from investment promotion. In recent days, Mayor Tan Chengxu led the delegation to visit " old friends" and meet " new friends" in Beijing, to further deepen communication and exchanges with enterprises, strengthen cooperation intentions, expand cooperation space and promote the early settlement of relevant projects in Dalian.


On the afternoon of September 25, Tan Chengxu visited CMIG, and discussed with Dong Wenbiao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CMIG, to further connect, refine and implement key cooperation projects. Tan Chengxu said that the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always taken investment promotion as an important means of revitalizing and developing, as an important carrier to speed up the construction of " two pre-zones”, actively serving the development of enterprises and striving to create a good government and business environment. Recently, Dalian held a forum for private entrepreneurs to listen carefully to the opinions and suggestions of private entrepreneurs and make concrete arrangements for vigorously optimizing the business environment and comprehensively promoting the development of private economy. It is hoped that CMIG will actively exert its own advantages, broaden its investment field and further integrate into Dalian's new round of revitalization and development. Tan Chengxu said that Dalian municipal governments at all levels will strengthen measures and implement them to ensure the steady development of the project in Dalian. Dong Wenbiao said that Dalian has maintained a good development trend in recent years, which strengthened the confidence and determination of domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in Dalian. And CMIG will further strengthen its cooperation with Dalian and make positive contributions to the sustained and healthy development of Dalian's economy and society.


Yesterday afternoon, Tan Chengxu visited the headquarters of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., and talked with Li Huidi, vice president of the company, to promote the opportunities and advantages of Dalian investment development, to thank China Mobile for its long-term care and support for Dalian's economic and social development, and to inquire in detail about the progress of the data center project in Dalian, hoping that both sides will jointly formulate the project implementation plan, define the timetable and road map, and further accelerate the project construction. Li Huidi said that China Mobile will take Dalian as a major strategic cooperation city and a key support area for future development, and will invest in the construction of 5G joint laboratory in Dalian, while laying out more high-end projects to better serve Dalian's economic and social development by taking advantage of Dalian's software industry.


Tan Chengxu also visited COFCO and had an in-depth exchange of views with Group President Yu Xubo on strengthening cooperation between the two sides in related fields and reached a consensus. Tan Chengxu said Dalian will strive to create a first-class investment environment to support the group's continuous development with the best environment and service. Yu Xubo said that the group will deepen its strategic cooperation with Dalian in the industrial chain layout to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.