Dalian Delegation Launches Investment Promotion Activities in Beijing

Yesterday, Mayor Tan Chengxu led the Dalian delegation to launch an investment promotion campaign in Beijing for the Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei region. On the same day, Tan Chengxu held a discussion with some business executives and hoped that everyone would pay attention to Dalian, choose Dalian and take root in Dalian, actively take part in the construction of “two pre-zones”, and share the huge dividend of Dalian's innovation and development.


The senior executives who participated in the discussion included: Wang Jingyi, chairman of the board of directors of Zhonghan Control Investment Group Co., Ltd., Liu Zhendong, chairman of Liandong Investment Group, Xue Gang, vice chairman of Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group, Lan Ye, executive vice president of JD Group, Wang Qian, deputy general manager of Beida Jade Bird Music Culture Industry Group, Qian Jianping, Deputy General Manager of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Xia Zhong, Deputy General Manager of State Power Investment Corporation, Tang Qinyi, Chairman of China TX IIOT Group, Wang Jinghui, Chairman of Global Group, Yuan Li, and Chairman of Arxan Fintech, and Kai Chenglian, chairman of Tianjin Volkswagen Group. Some of these enterprises have cooperated with Dalian for the first time. Some are planning to launch a new round of cooperation projects after successful investment.


At the symposium, everyone expressed their opinions around the theme. Tan Chengxu raised issues of common concern to the leaders of the municipal government and enterprises, such as, " What are the difficulties in advancing the project? " What are the requirements for element protection? " What does the government need to do for the project? " etc. In response to some specific problems in the investment, Tan Chengxu worked with relevant regions and government departments on site to make work arrangements. He said that the enterprise has made a far-sighted investment decision with a strategic vision, and Dalian Municipal Party Committee and government sincerely welcome it and will do a good job in supporting it with due diligence. The purpose of today's talks is to analyze problems and clarify policies so that cooperation will continue to deepen and become more vital. Tan Chengxu asked all departments at all levels to strengthen coordination and joint efforts, truly respect enterprises in thought, sincerely serve enterprises in work, truly help enterprises in development, and promote the implementation of projects in the spirit of keeping promises


Tan Chengxu said that Dalian today is open, inclusive and has unlimited development potential. It is hoped that entrepreneurs will make full use of a series of central policies and measures to support Liaoning's revitalization and Dalian's development. By combining Dalian's industrial advantages with the enterprise's own development, it is possible to find a breakthrough point, deepen the field of cooperation and upgrade the level of cooperation. Governments at all levels and government departments will provide more accurate, high-quality and efficient service guarantee for enterprises.


The symposium was rigorous and meticulous. The executives present were impressed by the pragmatism and frankness of the leaders of the municipal government, who said they would push forward the project to land and start construction as soon as possible to help Dalian's economy and society develop healthily and continuously.