2018 Traditional Chinese Medicine in China - The Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture in Dalian

In order to implement the " Traditional Chinese Medicine – Implementation Plan for Promoting Health Culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China”(No.1 in 2018 of the Organizer’s Office), do a good job in the development of Chinese Medical Culture in 2018, promote the health culture of traditional Chinese medicine, popularize healthy lifestyle, and guide the people to develop healthy living habits with Chinese characteristics, Dalian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital launched a series of activities to promote health culture of traditional Chinese medicine according to the document " Notice on Printing and Distributing “Traditional Chinese Medicine - Health Culture Promotion Plan of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dalian”(No.4 in 2018 of TCM Division) issued by Dalian Health Planning Commission.


As the only third-level grade-A traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Dalian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital owns a national preventive health management center. It is the hospital's purpose and social responsibility to promote Chinese medicine health culture in Dalian, enhance the public's awareness and recognition of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the health and culture of traditional Chinese medicine.


一. Improve the management level of primary TCM medical institutions, improve the service ability of primary TCM, and carry out free diagnosis activities for the benefiting people. On September 13th, 5 experts from Dalian Chinese Medicine Hospital went to the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Pulandian City for assistance, giving special guidance to medical treatment and nursing management, conducting ward rounds for oncology, encephalopathy and gynecology specialties, and carrying out free clinic.


二. Carry out science popularization and lecture tour activities of traditional Chinese medicine culture. On September 14th, Dalian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital organized experts to go to Changhai County People's Hospital to carry out the Chinese medicine culture science lecture on the theme of "Chinese medicine is around you". Wang Li, director of the hospital's Preventive Treatment of Disease Management Center, gave a lecture on " Chinese citizens' health care literacy in traditional Chinese medicine" to teach health knowledge such as traditional Chinese medicine diet, daily life, emotional adjustment, dietotherapy, medicated diet, exercise and so on. Shen Tong, director of the nursing department, gave a lecture on " Promotion of Appropriate Techniques for Nursing Operation in Traditional Chinese Medicine". These activities have broadened the thinking of clinical diagnosis and treatment of medical staff in Changhai County People's Hospital, and have also increased everyone's interest in learning traditional Chinese medicine culture.


In the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture, grassroots medical staff and the masses recognized the traditional Chinese medicine and strongly demanded to enjoy high-quality traditional Chinese medicine services. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, everyone feels that there is a long way to go to promote Chinese medicine culture. Therefore, the Dalian Chinese Medicine Hospital will move forward to promote Chinese medicine culture.