Dalian Seventh People's Hospital Launches a Lecture on a New Style of Liaoning Spirit


Liaoning is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. The spiritual and cultural tradition formed by the Liaoning people in their long-term historical development practice has condensed into a spirit of loyalty, hard work, innovation, and self - improvement. This is the Liaoning Spirit in the new era. The Party Committee of Dalian Seventh People's Hospital attaches great importance to it and actively responds to the call of the higher Party Committee to carry out the propaganda of Liaoning Spirit in the new era, using the LED electronic screen of the hospital and so on to promote Liaoning Spirit, creating a strong learning atmosphere.


On September 19th, the hospital invited professor Jiang Zhongcai, member of the municipal party Committee propaganda group promoting Liaoning spirit of the new era and dean of Marxism college of Dalian university, to give special guidance on " the historical background of Liaoning spirit and the three advances”, so as to further study and carry forward the Liaoning spirit in the new era and make the whole staff understand its background and connotation in a more comprehensive, profound and systematic way.


During the training, Professor Jiang introduced in detail the historical details of Liaoning Spirit and the background of the “three advances” in Liaoning so that the staff can have an in-depth understanding of the historical background of Liaoning Spirit in the following four aspects: the spiritual quality of devotion, loyalty to the Party's excellent quality, perseverance, and the internal motivation to work hard, as well as the Liaoning background of the "three advances".


With extremely high enthusiasm and dedication, the staff carefully studied the historical background and essence of Liaoning spirit and fully understood the important significance of Liaoning spirit in promoting the “three advances”.